Photo: Claire Pepper
Photo: Claire Pepper


All I want for Christmas is… to learn how to dress up

And these effortlessly glamorous boots might just help, says Sam Baker

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So many wishes, so little time. Big wishes and small – world peace, equal pay (ideally in my lifetime – let's think really big!), an end to FGM, for our cat to stop eating everything and anything if we take our eyes off him for one second, for dry white wine to have no calories…

But I also have a fantasy wish and that wish is for me to rediscover my glamour gene. I say rediscover, but really I mean discover, because I've never had one. I have never been *that* woman. The one who could carry off bright red lips, smoky eyes, look hot in a frock, but also sexy in a suit.


The only way I know how to be me is to dress down. I put on a suit jacket and instantly it looks... slouchy. Dresses just look wrong on me unless I pair them with big clompy boots. And that's fine. Absolutely fine. And yet, occasionally, I have hankered for another self – one that oozes confidence and self-possession, but I (and my whole family, if I’m honest) was hiding behind the door when those things were handed out.

But, every so often, you come across an item of clothing that feels so imbued with glamour – and the qualities that I associate with it – that it makes anything feel possible. Even on me.

The only way I know how to be me is to dress down. I put on a suit jacket and instantly it looks... slouchy

Tuxedos, for instance, are one such garment – one part insouciance to one part glamour, depending on what you wear it with. A silky shirt, with the buttons positioned just right. A kind of effortless glamour that even I could partake in.

These boots had the same effect. A shiver of possibility. I live in ankle boots and black is my default wardrobe option, but the gold column heel takes what could be a wardrobe basic and injects another quality.

It will take more than boots to change my personality, but I could wear these with that tuxedo suit and another more glamorous me might rear her head.

MICHAEL Michael Kors Paloma suede bootie, £195, available in store and online


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