Photo: Claire Pepper
Photo: Claire Pepper


All I want for Christmas is… to be more organised

And I want a certain person I live with to get the memo, too, says Stacey Duguid

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Dear 2018, please, please, please let this year be the year my boyfriend-about-to-be-husband stops losing his bloody keys. Take, for example, yesterday: off he goes with the kids to school, then buzz buzz buzz goes the doorbell three seconds later. “Whaaaaat?” I shout at the door. “KEYS!” he shouts through the letterbox. Give me strength…

Being more organised in general is high on the priority list for this family in 2018. Cramming our six-year-old son’s homework on a Monday morning for a spelling test later that day makes me feel less yummy, more crummy, mummy. Ditto rush-reading our four-year-old’s book isn’t the kind of parent I want to be either, but there is so much going on – swimming, ballet, gymnastics, piano lessons – not to mention Lego, downtime and some well-earned cartoons. Their hectic week takes planning, which is probably why we never seem to have the right kit in the right bag on the right day. I blame work. Actually, I blame lack of planning…

Maybe then the boyfriend-about-to-be-husband will find his keys on the sidetable by the front door where they belong


This will be the year I totally reorganise my desk and find a diary that actually works, as opposed to something I abandon midyear in favour of brightly coloured Post-it notes stuck to the pages of a notebook. I’m going to clear out every item of clothing that hasn’t been worn in a year. I’m also going to take every single pen, pot and pan from every nook, cranny and hidey-hole and ask it: “Do I use you?” From the shoes that hurt my feet and the trousers that are cut all wrong to the roasting pan I love but that is too big to fit in the drawer, watch out, charity shop, for some fantastic stash is heading your way.

A streamlined desk, diary, wardrobe, kitchen, life and mind – maybe then the boyfriend-about-to-be-husband will find his keys on the sidetable by the front door where they belong. Maybe then he’ll leave the house without having the shout through the letterbox, “KEYS!” The solution? Declutter the house, buy him a key fob for Christmas and all will be right with the world. If only every problem were so easy to solve. And breathe.  

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