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The tights that will last until spring 

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They’re the foundation of most autumn wardrobes. But where to find tights that will last longer than half a day? Hannah Banks-Walker has the answer 

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By Hannah Banks-Walker on

Earlier this week, as I was eagerly putting away my washing and feeling smug that I’d actually managed to accomplish a household chore, my entire chest of drawers fell on me. Bearing in mind that I use the top of it as a shelf – bearing jewellery, perfume and other, miscellaneous items – this caused quite a dramatic scene. I screamed. My boyfriend wandered in to see what all the fuss was about, which is not reassuring; I feel a scream warrants at least a mild jog.

Anyway, he told me, in no uncertain terms, that the reason for this calamitous turn of events was due to my overstuffing of the drawers. Aside from making all the obvious jokes in my best Sid James voice, I had to agree with him. I had crammed so much into my Ikea furniture that it had finally given up the ghost – and it was all because of my tights.

Rather than stockpiling tights, buying them more regularly than I care to reveal, I will now only buy hosiery of a higher quality

I realised this as I sadly, among the debris that now littered my bedroom floor, picked up stray socks, bras and about 599,000 pairs of black, opaque tights. It’s true that my love for tights is unending – they’re the reason I look forward to autumn – but this seemed excessive. Particularly due to the fact that most were laddered. I tend to buy the cheapest tights I can find – as long as they’re black and of a sturdy denier. But this is neither cost-efficient nor helpful to my quest of buying less in general, so I made a decision. Rather than stockpiling tights, buying them more regularly than I care to reveal, I will now only buy hosiery of a higher quality, which means I will buy fewer pairs and, ultimately, invest in something I wear every day from now until a heatwave next June. So, where does one find tights that will last?

The obvious answer is Heist, whose tights have gone from the best-kept secret in fashion circles to a worldwide phenomenon in just two years. The brand worked with 67 different women over the course of a year, trying out a whopping 197 samples before achieving the “perfect” pair of tights. Every pair is knitted and hand-finished in a small town in Northern Italy and, whether you go for nude or black tights (which come in three different deniers), you can opt for a high or low waistband option. At around £20 per pair, they’re not cheap. But they’re seamless (literally), almost impossible to ladder and are incredibly comfortable.

Similarly, Falke has a lovely range of tights with comfortable waistbands and – wait for it – extra-soft toe seams. I know, sounds niche, but trust me, it really does make a difference. Again, depending on which denier and style you go for, Falke tights are around £20, but really are built to last – The Pool’s own Frankie Graddon has had a pair for five years (!) and attests to the fact that they wash very well.

If you’re still not convinced that you want to spend 20 quid on a pair of tights, then head to Uniqlo or M&S for cheaper alternatives. Uniqlo’s heattech tights are as cosy as they sound for colder days, while M&S’s Velvet Touch tights are under £10, but still have a luxurious feel. They, too, last a lot longer than other high-street hosiery, which is good news for any Ikea furniture.

Five of the best, long-lasting pairs of tights:






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