“Wear what you like and always remember: leopard is a neutral”

On her days off with the kids, Lauren Laverne swears by hands-free bags and statement prints. Here she shares her seven fail-safe style tips

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Take pleasure in dressing up

I'm much more pressed for time than I used to be, so my wardrobe is smaller and more streamlined. I buy less, but better, and everything goes with everything else as much as possible. But I also think I take more pleasure in dressing up, or in feeling nice in my clothes, than I used to. When I get the chance to dress up for a night out, I really appreciate it and have fun with it.

Use the teatime system

I'm a big believer in systems and taking everything you can OUT of the morning, so you avoid stress. I get everyone's stuff out the teatime (rather than the night) before. That way, it's all done and you haven't got the next working/school day in your head just as you're attempting to start to wind down for the night. So, when the kids are playing before or just after tea, I quickly pull things together. For some reason, it only takes 10 minutes, but an hour if you try to do it in the morning.

A dress is an instant outfit (and a statement coat is always a good idea)

I have a bit of a split working wardrobe. It's either super casual (radio studio/The Pool offices) or quite dressed up (TV work/hosting events/red-carpet stuff). I love dresses because they're an instant outfit. A dress and trainers or boots is my go-to. I'm also a fan of statement coats for a night out with friends or working at evening dos at this time of year. It can't just be me who goes out to the pub for a meal and seems to spend the whole time chatting in the beer garden or outside a venue even in December?

Treat yourself to lovely PJs

I love my PJs and loungewear, especially at this time of year. There's nothing nicer than hibernating with no plans, lovely food and comfy, cosy nestwear. Hair up, cardi and sweatpants on. Film, curry. Posh slippers if possible. Heaven.

When it comes to bags, hands-free all the way

I am a massive fan of the hands-free bag. Backpack or cross-body all the way. When the kids were smaller, I picked up a great tip: to have a little hands-free bag with my mobile and wallet on me and then a bigger nappy bag with all their stuff on the buggy. That way, your valuable stuff is at hand, but you're not lugging a huge bag around all the time.

My mum is my inspiration

When it comes to mum crushes, in real life, it's my mam (who is OBVIOUSLY the best), my closest girlfriends (who make me feel like the world is the right way up again when everything goes wrong) and, on the public stage, Chrissy Teigen, who brings so much joy to the world.

Leopard is a neutral

My best style tip is to wear what you bloody well like! And always remember the wise words of Caitlin Moran: leopard is a neutral.


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