“If I’m ever in a fix she’s the first person I’d ask for help”

In the second of our “My Every Day” series, fashion journalist Katherine Ormerod and style blogger Lindsey Holland discuss how friendship and support is a number one essential in navigating their busy lives

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Since we met each other just over a year ago my friend Lindsey and I have hurtled through several life milestones. We’ve both quit our jobs to go freelance, she’s navigated a new romance while I’ve struggled to get pregnant. Twelve months later she’s shacked up with her fella and I’m expecting a little boy with mine. While Linds and I may be at different stages of our relationships, careers and lives, anything that happens to either of us is dealt with together.


One of the big reasons Lindsey has become such a huge part of my life is that she is almost pathologically kind. If I’m ever in a fix she’s the first person I’d ask for help and I hope she feels the same about me. When you are wired to take care of others, it can take a level of maturity and self-awareness to start asking for help yourself—and that’s something that I’ve only really grasped in my thirties. We would both literally bugger up our own days to lend each other a hand and as I get older that’s a quality which I hold above all others.


Now we’re both working for ourselves in and around fashion, lifestyle and social media, it is incredible to have a constant sounding board for any worries, questions or advice that I might ever need.

When it comes to personal style, I’ll always go for the colour, the print and va va voom, while she’s a minimalist to her core. And of course, there’s the difference in height—with just shy of a foot between us, we definitely look like the odd couple today—but aside from all that, we’re hugely compatible.

As a friend she is also wildly encouraging and only ever wants the best for the people. Luckily Linds doesn’t take herself too seriously and over the past year I have never laughed more at and with someone than I have with her. We rib each other mercilessly, but that’s really what true sisterhood is about—being there for each other through thick and thin, but also taking the royal piss out of each other too.

When it comes to personal style, I’ll always go for the colour, the print and va va voom, while she’s a minimalist to her core


I couldn’t tell you exactly what it is, but ours is one of those friendships that just clicked immediately. I think we balance each other out. We’ve had completely different upbringings but we just work and we’re really close. Katherine’s very strong, she gives the greatest advice (even if it’s not what I want to hear) and is very pragmatic. She always strives for a solution and she always keeps me calm. If I’m losing my head she’ll say “how can we make this work? Don’t worry, we’ve got this, it’s fine”. She’s very level-headed like that, and I admire that about her.


Workwise, it’s lovely to have someone who’s in the same industry. I’ll talk to her about big worries, as well as the smaller things –  for instance, if I’m struggling to put an outfit together, she’ll instantly know what I should wear it with.


Now when we go shopping, I’m very aware of what she’s looking for. She has so many specifications, but I think, if there were a rail of clothes, I could pick out the things she’d like, I’m sure she could for me too. We’re very different in the way that we dress. She’s very girly, very classic and very cool whereas I’m quite casual in what I wear. For example in today’s shoot I’m wearing a French Connection bohemian-style dress which I absolutely love, with a slinky roll neck on underneath, but I paired it with chunky boots so it felt a bit tougher. Katherine loved that dress too but she reckons she’d wear it with a pair of pointy-toed heels. There’s no chance I’d wear it like that. The way that she puts things together is very mature and she always looks sophisticated.

I think we’re very different Katherine and I, but, we have a level of trust that’s unparalleled. She’s very kind and loyal and I would go to her in an emergency in a heartbeat above any other friend. I feel like she’d support me no matter what, we’ve even got a set of keys to each others flat. We just get each other and I really trust her opinion. She’s a ball of energy and positivity and an amazing presence to have in my life. I feel very lucky to have met her.

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