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The dress to buy now and wear all autumn

As summer fades to autumn, Hannah Banks-Walker extols the virtues of a midi dress, and explains why it might just be the best investment you could make right now 

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By Hannah Banks-Walker on

This time of year plays havoc with my emotions. On the one hand, I suffer from that sinking, end-of-summer feeling and the growing back-to-school dread that I haven’t been able to shake, despite my now distinctly non-student status. On the other, I’m completely, utterly overwhelmed by new stuff. Call me a victim of capitalism, but the sight of all the shiny, new season clothes being wheeled into shops, as the sale rails groan under the weight of discarded bandeau tops and unwanted linen shorts, is enough excitement to last until Christmas. 

Among the bright wool coats and pristine ankle boots, however, is one item that really gets me going – the midi dress. I wear them all year round but, the ones on offer at the moment (in all those tantalising “new-in" sections) are particularly great, largely thanks to their versatility. The  weather occupies about 60% of my thoughts as I try to wrestle with the between-season struggle of what to wear in the morning - something that won't either leave me drenched in sweat or nursing arms covered in goosebumps. The answer to these problems, I’ve discovered, is a midi dress (with sleeves), which gives enough coverage and liberty in equal measure. 

During the “Indian Summer” we’re promised every September, you can wear it with pointy flats or slingbacks but then, when the autumn really sets in, you can bring out the tights (hooray!), boots, polo necks to layer underneath, trench coats to layer over the top… it works with all seasonal accoutrements. Plus, the ones in the shops at the moment are just really, really lovely. From & Other Stories’ polka dots (with which I’m obsessed) to Ganni’s belted dress, there’s hardly a midi dress I don’t like right now. Which is, of course, excellent for keeping the back-to-school blues at bay. 

Click here for the midi dress edit – and what to wear them with 


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