Rain-proof jackets that won’t kill your summer vibe 

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With constant showers threatening to dampen the last of our summer spirit, Hannah Banks-Walker explains why she’s approaching it as a sartorial opportunity, thanks to the  new line-up of waterproof wonders 

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By Hannah Banks-Walker on

While most of Europe is currently enduring a searing heatwave, we in the UK are reluctantly coming to terms with the fact that August might just be a washout. Across the country, the rain has threatened BBQs, weddings and days out, and summer feels like it’s been brought to an abrupt halt. I, for one, am feeling thoroughly fed up with the state of the skies, which have left me at a loss for how to dress – I’ve had wet feet almost every day this week, which only goes to illustrate my pathetic optimism. So, in an attempt to find both a practical waterproof and something that won’t make me feel like it’s either winter, or the end of stylish civilisation as we know it, I’ve gathered the high street’s chicest anoraks (yep, I used the a-word). 

Despite my vaguely haunting memories of school trips seen from the inside of a cagoule and pac-a-macs in festival fields that didn’t work with either my outfit or the rain, I’ve discovered that the current array of macs on offer is surprisingly great. From Topshop’s vinyl trench coat (looks excellent with jeans, I promise and it makes you feel a bit like Sally Bowles in Cabaret, so what more could you want?) to paintbox brights from Boden, Barbour, ASOS and New Look, there are long, short, belted and oversized, all waiting to keep you warm and dry. 

I can attest to the fact that they all look fab with jeans but, if you’re more of a skirts and dresses kind of gal, try a longer style; Joules' lightweight printed macs are a winner, as is & Other Stories’ excellent trench coat. Banish all thoughts of sticky, plastic ponchos; these coats are actually flattering and look considered, as opposed to looking as though you were caught in a downpour and found an old waterproof sheet in your handbag. August might be a washout, but at least your outfit won’t be.

Click here for the waterproof jackets you'll actually want to wear 


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