The sports bra that made me go for a run 

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By Frankie Graddon on

I went for my first run of the spring last weekend. Actually make that the first run of the year. Actually, make that the first run in three years. I normally can’t bear the thought, but the sun was shining and it felt like the thing to do. It was hideous of course; rasping throat, sore ears, burning thighs and the very real danger of throwing up. By the time it was over everything hurt – except for one thing – my boobs. 

Being the possessor of secret big boobs (DD) I don’t find running the most comfortable thing and am often left with a sore back and shoulders. Unsurprising really considering that I’ve be chucking on my very old one-size-fits-all GAP thing for years. But due to the infrequency of which I exercise, I’ve never thought to properly invested in a sports bra. Silly when I think about it, but there you go. However this all changed a couple of weeks ago when I acquired a swanky new sports bra from Triumph – The Traction Hybrid Lite – which promises to provide your boobs with extreme support whilst being supremely comfortable. And this is does marvellously.

Where many high support sports bra feel like wearing a vice, this one felt like I still had full lung capacity. The straps didn’t dig in or rub, they could be adjusted from the front (far easier than trying to reach over your shoulder) and the hook and eye fastening at the back meant I wasn’t wrestling it on and off. Where usually there is a small river of sweat running between my cleavage after any strenuous activity, thanks to the breathable fabric, I was pretty dry. 

And the best part? Everything stayed in place. Absolutely no jigging around. In fact, according to Triumph it’s one of the highest scoring bras in the brilliantly named “bounce control test”. Having conducted my own I can concur. Snug as a bug.

It comes in an inclusive 34A-38E, with an identical minimiser style that runs from a 32C-38F. The one I have is specifically for high intensity exercise (running, spinning, aerobics etc) but if you are more of a pilates/yoga person there is a softer range that offers more flexibility

I’ve chucked mine in the wash (it’s machine washable) and am gearing up for round two this weekend. 

Buying a new sports bra? 6 things you need to know


  1. When you try on a sports bra it should feel slightly tighter than a normal bra – this will loosen over time. Your entire boob should sit inside in the bra with the seams sitting underneath your bust line. 
  2. A good sports bra will come in cup sizes rather than S,M,L and you should be the same size that you are in regular bras. Larger cup sizes should come with slightly thicker straps and higher sides.
  3. Find a bra that has a hook and eye fastening at the back. This makes it much easier to take on and off (especially when you are hot and sweaty) and means you have more scope to adjust the fit. 
  4. Match the bra to the sport you are doing. If you are doing high intensity exercise you will need a bra with strong straps (ideally slightly padded to stop them rubbing), high sides and more support. Low intensity exercise requires something softer with more flexibility. Both should be made from breathable, moisture absorbing fabric to stop you getting wet. 
  5. A sports bra can come with or without an underwire, it doesn’t effect performance and is down to personal preference. An underwire will gives more of an uplifted shape whereas non-wire give more of a natural shape. 
  6. A good sports bra will last for a year, maintaining its fabric even when washed regularly. After that, treat yourself to a new one. 





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