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6 more reasons to talk about trench coats

How and why to wear our favourite spring coat

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Whenever we talk about fashion, it is so tempting to only talk about the new. The new bag shape, the new trouser length, the new style of shoe (loafers FYI, but more on that another day). But sometimes it’s nice to remember the old things. The things that we probably already have in our wardrobes. The things that we actually wear. And it is for this reason that I am going to talk about camel trench coats. 

What can I tell you about a camel trench coat that you don’t already know? Probably nothing. You know that they're rainproof yet lightweight, so make the ideal springtime coat. You know that they work just as well over a smart dress as they do over a Breton and jeans. You know that you can wear them belted or open, that they look chic with the sleeves pushed up and that you don’t have to spend a fortune on one – try Zara, Gap or my current favourite, Finery. You know that Audrey Hepburn wore one in Charade and looked great.

What you might not know is that Vetements did them for their last two collections meaning every fashion editor is currently wearing one, and so they are “in” for spring. But then you might not care. For the real joy of camel trench coats is that they aren’t trendy, they are beyond that. They are post-trend. And if we are still wearing them well over one hundred years after they were invented, then I would argue that they are close to genius. 

So here’s to giving credit where credit is due. Here’s to celebrating camel trench coats.

6 ways to wear a camel trench 


Over a grey jumper

With a striped shirt and skater shoes

With a tan handbag

With a Breton

With a hat and red lipstick

With jeans and a t-shirt

THREE of the best 




Pictures: Victoria Adamson and Adam Katz


Picture: Adam Katz
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