Why we love printed shirts

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They jazz up jeans and you can wear them to work. Here’s why printed shirts are a good idea 

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My wardrobe goes like this: navy, denim, grey, denim, bit of black, more denim, navy again. Some say boring, I say easy. Everything goes with everything and, more importantly, it goes with me – throw-on, unfussy, would-rather-be-watching-a-box-set-than-planning-an-outfit me. Not really something one in the fashion biz should own up to, but hey ho, thems the breaks. 

It’s not that I don’t love the whole colour/print/texture thing – I absolutely do. There are loads of lovely ones for the upcoming season: Prada’s ice-cream pastels, Gucci’s carpet-print granny frocks (nice than they sound), Burberry’s patchwork jackets. All things of wonder. And, thanks to the high street, more affordable versions are already hitting the shops (hello, Zara). Great stuff. Enjoy. But, for my sins, I shall remain a vision of denim and navy for the day-to-day.

I do have one exception though: a printed shirt.

How to integrate print into your outfit without looking like a curtain? 

Go jazzy. I love animal print (leopard or snake), or maybe a handkerchief motif – a bit Woodstock via the smoking club. Wear it with a plain pair of trousers, a simple skirt or, of course, something denim. Nice and summery, but sleeves mean you can still wear it if it’s chilly out, plus a printed shirt is a quick way to cheer up a jacket and slacks for work. Ace.

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