The Pool's Frankie Graddon showing how to tie a silk scarf


How to wear a scarf (so it doesn't wear you)

Ever felt a bit awkward, wearing a knotted silk scarf? Alice Tate finds a solution

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How chic does a knotted silk scarf with a simple jeans-and-tee combo look on other people? Ah, it pains me. Oh, to look that good…There’s clearly an art to the tying, because on the few times I’ve tried it, I just feel conscious that my outfit is like, “GUYS, GUYS! CHECK IT OUT – I’M WEARING A SCARF!” It’s daunting isn’t it?

After much studying on Pinterest, I tried the knotted-round-the-neck trick again with more guidance and, actually, it felt pretty damn good. When done right, it instantly dresses up an outfit and makes your look appear considered and sophisticated. After a few other styling ideas I’d researched, I realised a scarf doesn’t always have to wear you…

Knotted around your neck

The well-tested easy outfit-maker that’s as cool and classic as it is easy to master.

Around your wrist

Now that you’ve learnt to perfectly master the Jenna Roll, add a hefty dose of chic to those exposed wrists.

On your bag

Instantly spruce up your tired leather bag. A hit of a colour and an easy air of luxury.


The Pool's Frankie Graddon showing how to tie a silk scarf
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