How the world’s bestselling bracelet is made

A jewellery-box favourite the world over, what actually goes into making one of Pandora’s charm bracelets? The Pool travelled to Thailand to find out

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Ten Pandora bracelets are sold every minute in the UK. That’s a pretty overwhelming statistic when you think about it and, despite being a global brand that sells in over 100 countries and six continents, all of Pandora’s jewellery is handmade. In fact, when it comes to the bestselling charm bracelets, each component passes through 33 pairs of hands before it’s ready to be sold. Making up 72% of all Pandora’s sales, the charm bracelet is the brand’s most recognisable creation and has even inspired the design of the new eco factory in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Over the summer, The Pool travelled to Chiang Mai and went behind the scenes of the famous bracelets, meeting the women who make them and learning the craft of Pandora.

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