How to restyle your winter wardrobe for spring

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Bored of your winter clothes but too cold not to wear them? Frankie Graddon has a few tips for rejigging your worn-on-repeat outfits

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“I can’t wear the same bloody boots and jeans for one more day.” Overheard on the train platform this week; I know the feeling. I’ve been wearing the same outfit since November and am boring myself to tears. Giant roll neck with jeans, giant roll neck with dress, dress with black boots, black boots with jeans – it’s starting to all get a bit repetitive. Of course, with it being March, in theory now’s the time to shake off all that wintry stuff and get involved with spring. But, as per, the weather appears to have other ideas; though the Beast from the East has gone back into hiding, the Pest from the West is apparently on the approach, which means – can you believe it – yet more snow.

We’re currently in what I like to call a “fashion Catch-22”: you can’t stand the sight of your winter stuff any more, but it’s too cold not to wear it. The massive coat that felt fabulously cosy back in January now feels bulky and tiresome, those chunky jumpers almost suffocating and let’s not even get started on the expanding collection of 80-deniers. It’s an arse of a situation to be in and yet here we are for at least a few more weeks. So, what do we do?

The answer dawned on me the other day when I was discussing this very issue with a work colleague. “The thing is, F," she explained, “I’ve got loads of clothes, but I keep wearing them the same way and I’ve fallen into an end-of-season rut.” It's simple, really: what is needed right now are new ideas – styling tweaks – to refresh the winter stuff we already have and make them feel more like spring. A mini wardrobe rejig that will take worn-on-repeat outfits and give them a new spin, creating a whole new set of options. Sound good? Fab. Here’s how:

You’ve been wearing... A midi dress with a roll-neck jumper on top

As outfits go, this was winter’s smash hit. One printed midi dress, plus one chunky jumper (ideally a roll neck) and you have the perfect lazy-but-it-looks-like-I-made-an-effort outfit. It’s warm, it’s comfy, it’s smart enough for work but casual enough for going to the pub in. It’s perfect – but you’ve worn it to death. So, what now? Switch the chunky jumper over your dress for a thinner jumper under your dress. Rather than black or grey, try a pastel colour, which is oh, so very new-season. Still warm, still easy, more springy.

You’ve been wearing.... Jeans and black ankle boots for what feels like decades

No one loves a pair of black ankle boots more than I do, however, after wearing them day in, day out, for months, their appeal is wearing a little thin. The shops are full of lovely springy slip-ons, but it’s not yet warm enough to wear them outside without doing yourself some harm. This is where the idea of "spring boots" comes into play – all the practicality of your winter boots but with a new-season twist. This year’s spring boots are – wait for it – cowboys boots. Everyone is doing them and they are going to be big for autumn, too. I appreciate that this sounds very early noughties Steps (five, six, seve, eight!), but the way to do them without looking like fancy dress is to get a short, ankle-length pair with subtle John Wayne nods like an angled, stacked heel. If you’re going very fashion, then white is the colour to have. They will freshen up your jeans/boots combo and you can still wear socks.

You’ve been wearing … Your grey check blazer with absolutely everything

The beauty of a blazer is that you can wear it over most things (T-shirt, jumper, dress etc); however, if you’re anything like me, that means you have been wearing it over most things for months – to work, to dinner, to the supermarket. Fancy a rejig? Tie a belt over your jacket, around your waist, à la the picture below. Plain black will work – and you probably already have one – or try one with a decorated buckle.

You’ve been wearing… tights, tights, tights. Under dresses, Under skirts, under trousers, under the lot

It’s hard to feel entirely spring-like while wearing a pair of black opaques, but it’s nowhere near bare leg-weather yet, so we’re back to our Catch-22. One alternative is to switch your tights for a pair of jeans to layer under your midi dresses and skirts. Currently a favourite styling tip within the fashion world, it does actually make sense. It's easy to do, it’s free (assuming you already own a pair of jeans) and you don't need to shave your legs – what more could you want?

You’ve been wearing… your big winter coat every day and now you can’t bear to look at it

It’s the sorry fate of all winter coats – you buy it, you love it, you wear it and then, come spring, you’re sick of the sight of it. What was your trusty friend from October through to Feb becomes a reminder of dark mornings and cold train platforms. Poor old coat. Though not yet warm enough for either of this season’s spring jackets of choice (aka trench and denim jacket), you can just about get away with it if you layer them both up – trench coat over denim jacket. Retire your winter coat under the bed to be enjoyed in six months' time when we do this all over again.

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