Sequins or slippers: what’s your Christmas Day outfit?

Posh pyjamas, massive earrings and groutfits – The Pool’s fashion writers share what they will be wearing on December 25

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By Frankie Graddon on

So, you’ve decked the halls, bought the stuffing, hoovered up 36 million pine needles from underneath the tree and listened to Michael Bublé sing “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas” more times than you care to remember. Christmas is only five days away and we are officially on the home straight – bring on the Baileys; I’m going to need it. Having navigated the 101 dress codes of December, I bet the last thing you want to think about is what to wear on the big day itself. So, with that in mind, here’s a little bit of divine inspiration from The Pool’s fashion folk.

“Heels – always heels” Stacey Duguid

I get up around 6am, ignore the reflection in the mirror, get the coffee pot on and watch my children plough through a mound of pressies. After an hour, my boyfriend starts on the spuds – an obsession – and I’ll start on the veggies around 10am. Then I go upstairs to get jazzed up in something that usually involves a dress, although last year it was black jeans and an Isabel Marant shimmery shirt-thing and heels – always heels. This year, I’m thinking about statement (HUGE) earrings and a jumper dress. Heels will remain on for Christmas lunch around 3pm, then it’s slippers and comfy mode from thereon in (I reckon the earrings will be ditched around 3.30pm!).

Stacey in her festive heels

“It’s quite simple – Christmas day means my groutfit” Frankie Graddon

It’s quite simple – Christmas Day means my groutfit (grey outfit). I'm not talking a chic top and trousers in shades of slate and coal – I mean a grey-marl, slouchy scenario from head to toe. I've actually been wearing it (a fine knit hoodie and matching joggers) for weeks. It's delightfully slobby and fabulousy warm. Have a look at the "cosy marl pant" and matching top from The White Stuff. In addition, I’ve just bought two pairs of these moccasin slippers for me and my mum to wear on Christmas morning. And to finish the look, my first foray into novelty Christmas jumpers by way of this, which holds your bottle of wine for you. 


“Not even turkey grease will deter me from going over the top” Hannah Banks-Walker

I live for any excuse to dress up, so obviously I like to put on my finery on Christmas morning. We really just get up and then mill about the house, so this does seem unnecessary, but it is Christmas after all. This year, I'm going to be in charge of dinner for everyone (14 people, God help us), so really need to think practically. However, I just know that not even turkey grease will deter me from putting on some sort of ballgown (I’m not exaggerating; one year I wore an actual ball gown – it was silver and glittery). Naturally, after dinner, I’ll change into pyjamas, where I'll stay for the next four days. Hopefully.


“This year, I wanted to do ‘the family onesie show’” Kat Farmer

This year, I wanted to do “the family onesie show”, but this went down like the proverbial bag of sick with the 13-year-old (and the husband), who couldn’t hide their disgust at “not making an effort”. I had been thinking posh cashmere onesies, too. Therefore, this year I’m going to meet them halfway – wide-leg trousers (I am currently after a £35 pair from M&S), plus trainers and a festive jumper (ideally something of the Bella Freud variety, seeing as it’s Christmas – currently 30 per cent off in the sale). Comfort but with a hint of effort.

Kat does posh loungewear

“My sequinned antlers are 'actually quite fashion’” Lauren Bravo

Call me old-fashioned, but I love dressing up for Christmas Day (PJs are for Boxing Day onwards) and I usually use it as an excuse to get out the ritzy stuff I never have enough chances to wear. Recent Christmases have featured silver sequins, embroidered velvet, gold leather and glitter Lurex – just as long as there's some give in the waistband. Last year was a holographic mini skirt, cosied up with a roll-neck jumper. And the sequinned antlers, I like to insist, are “actually quite fashion”.

Lauren in her fashion antlers

“This year, I’ve found some actual slippers snazzy enough for the job” Hannah Rochell

I’m all for comfort on Christmas Day, since I will spend it eating, drinking and sitting on the sofa/floor/that strange chair from the spare room we never use. So, I wear my comfiest smart black Levi’s, a vaguely festive jumper (mine’s a grey one with a red star from Hush) and shoes that feel like slippers. This year, I’ve found some actual slippers snazzy enough for the job from Free People.

Hannah's snazzy slippers

“I always have scarlet nails on Christmas day – it's my little festive ritual” Kerry Potter

I tend to wear PJs until about 10ish, while the many small children in our extended family rip open their presents and then promptly ignore all the goodies to play with the wrapping paper and boxes. I make sure they're Sunday-best PJs, rather than tatty ones, in case any of the billion photos my brother takes end up on social media. I absolutely love Rosie for Autograph designs because the fabrics are silky, the prints are subtle and she does a good tapered leg – I hate flappy PJ legs. Then I'll get properly dressed in something low-key with a little festive flavour. We can't do Christmas jumpers at my parents' house as the heating is set to “furnace”, so I usually go for a lightweight top with a bit of embellishment, cropped trousers and fancy flats. I always have scarlet nails on Christmas Day – it's my little festive ritual.


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