The best dresses to see you through Christmas

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From your first festive party to New Year’s Eve via Boxing Day drinks, Stacey Duguid’s found the ultimate frocks for every occasion

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Are you ready to get this party started!? More of a fizzle than a firework, my current Christmas situation, as mentioned last Monday, is to buy everything either in-store or online during November in the hope that December will be a "shopping free zone". (Yup, this year I actually made a list). Was beginning to feel a teeny bit smug about this whole “grown-up” approach to Christmas 2017, until I popped to a friend’s house last week, who, as she dished-up a delicious bowl of home cooked veggie curry, casually said, “Phew, just finished wrapping the last present”. What? Come again? YOU’RE ALL WRAPPED?  “Yes”, she said, as she cleared away debris left behind by her three kids, aged under six. My mouth may have remained open for longer than was dignified…

Organised, yes. Something to wear? Nope. She’s struggling. And that’s where I come in. First stop sequins, and not just any sequins, Marks and Spencer’s sequins (cue crashing waves and multiple orgasms). Just looking at this sparkly dress makes me giddy. For starters, it’s roomy around the waist, which I know is hardly sexy, but one has to think of these things with mince pie season upon us. I’m a huge lover of long sleeves on dresses, but what appeals to me most about this dress is the fact you can wear it with a wide selection of footwear from mid-heel ankle boots to on-the-knee boots to tottery heels to flats and probably even trainers. Jackpot!  That’s the office party/Christmas day sorted. 

Just looking at this sparkly dress makes me giddy. For starters, it’s roomy around the waist, which I know is hardly sexy, but one has to think of these things with mince pie season upon us

In my mind, you can’t beat a floaty floral midi, but I know they’re not for everyone. So, when there are more invitations in your inbox than there are dresses in your wardrobe, go for something simple like my fave LBD from Boden or the perfect chuck-it-on dress from Hush (yes, I read the product reviews – you've got to go down a size, apparently). It wouldn’t be Christmas without velvet and boy are the shops full of it (I’ll be mostly wearing mine with control pants – I don’t mind tummy-lumps, but shiny tummy-lumps…). I’m a teeny bit tempted by all the floaty boho-vibe dresses, the type you can wear next summer with no tights and sandals. But again, I know they’re not for everyone, as demonstrated by my mum when she tried on one of mine. Too booby, it just didn’t work on her.  

The opposite of boho, if there ever was such a thing, has to be COS. Head there for something minimal and structured like this above-the-knee dress. Wear with jazzy heels, statement earrings and a snazzy clutch to a black tie do. Looking for something longer? Check out Wallis, where you’ll find a great selection of long dresses like this one in the sale (I bought my first long dress this spring, and it’s about to have its fourth outing, which is a surprise – I didn’t think I’d wear it that much). 

In the coming weeks, although I love this wispy & Other Stories dress, I can see myself wearing Mango’s baby pink and black striped midi dress to a variety of occasions. Ignoring the Liquorice allsorts gags, I’ll wear it with high heeled ankle boots and fishnet tights, cos I’m “fashion” like that. Hope that was helpful and I hope you get through the following week unscathed by early seasonal mayhem. Now, excuse me: I’ve got presents to wrap. 

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Photo: Mango 
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