Black Friday? This year, it’s my Christmas miracle 

Having shunned the annual shopping phenomenon for the past few years, Stacey Duguid explains why 2017 will be the year she braves Black Friday – all in the name of a restful Christmas

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Four years ago, I hadn’t even heard of Black Friday. Two years ago, by simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time, a news reporter shoved a microphone in my face on Oxford Street and asked what I thought of the “cut-price, shopping-induced mayhem” unfolding before our eyes. “Shit, is this Black Friday?” I asked, hands waving towards the masses stampeding up Debenhams’ steps. “I don’t understand – is it one of those American things?” Not the answer he was looking for, he went in search of a more enthusiastic sound bite, possibly from someone recovering in A&E after scrapping over a half-price handbag.

Well, here we are, almost two years on and this Black Friday – November 24, 2017 – I plan to set my alarm for 6am so I can take the Tube to Oxford Circus, early. I “need” to get to the front of the queue at Jessops, which opens at 9am, so I can buy the camera I scouted two weeks ago. Then I’ll head to John Lewis to buy Christmas gifts for Mum, my sister-in-law and the kids in the manner of an organised type who buys all her Christmas pressies in November. I’ve even made a list. Wow, a list, really? REALLY.

When I ought to be enjoying a glass of wine... I am a sweaty mess, rugby-tackling a mound of wrapping paper, Sellotape stuck to my arse, trying to wrap the kids’ presents gone midnight. Ho, ho, ho, not this year, baby

Each Christmas, I do solemnly swear I shall not panic-buy last-minute presents on Christmas Eve. And yet, each year, I am so last-minute I end up stressed out because I didn’t plan (or make any lists) and chaos ensues. When I ought to be enjoying a glass of wine, gazing at a twinkling Christmas tree, smug at the thought of all the well-chosen, artfully wrapped gifts beneath it, I am a sweaty mess, rugby-tackling a mound of wrapping paper, Sellotape stuck to my arse, trying to wrap the kids’ presents gone midnight. Ho, ho, ho, not this year, baby. Black Friday, here I come. Shin pads at the ready!

This year, I’m reframing Black Friday. No longer the enemy, when it comes to buying great gifts at a whopping discount Black Friday is here to help, especially with discounts averaging at around 30 per cent. Get your Christmas lists drawn up today, start planning and, with a bit of luck, you’ll find it all heavily reduced come Friday. Tip: I’ve started stashing a load of stuff in my virtual baskets in the hope that when Friday comes around, said stuff will be massively reduced.

Er, hello, did someone just say “office party”? YES, THEY DID. And if we’re smart about that, too, we can plan some money-saving Christmas outfits. Taking up most of my virtual basket (sorry, kids) are all the bits I’ve had my eye on, from a dress to wear on Christmas Day to some snazzy earrings for my best friend. They may or may not go in the sale – because who knows what will be reduced come Friday (I really wish I could tell you) – but with this many bargains to be had, plus the idea of a shopping-free December, I’m more than willing to put the hours in now. A relaxing Christmas Eve, you say? *Dons crash helmet* I’m going in.

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