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The best style advice our mums have ever given us

Turns out, Team Pool’s mums are a wise ol’ bunch

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From instilling us with inner confidence from early childhood to showing us the virtues of lipstick, there is a lot of great style advice we have to thank our mums for – lessons that we still use to this day. And while we know that mothers are amazing human beings, it seems that the word “mum” isn’t always used in the most positive way. According to research by Boden, this word, when used as a prefix along with phrases like "mum style", "mum hair" and "mum jeans", can often seem a bit frumpy and they have decided that it’s time to reclaim the word with a new campaign championing modern motherhood and style. 

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"Aged 14, my mum gently guided me away from dressing like a tarty 80s pop star. I was obsessed with a shop called Razzle Dazzle in Edinburgh. I longed for short skirts, polka dots, blue eyeshadow and white stilettos but, no, I wasn't allowed near them. Nor was I allowed to wear make-up to school, big earrings or too much hairspray. Looking back, that was very good advice." Stacey Duguid

Stacey and her mum, Gaynor

"My mum always taught me to wear what you feel good in and what suits you. She's always been honest when I've put something on and looked ridiculous, and she always said to be proud of how you look and not question yourself too much." Hannah Banks-Walker

"Style advice from my mum that I've taken on board was never leave the house without lipstick, although she'd be horrified by my dedication to the cause with a gazillion nude shades as opposed to an 'interesting coral' that she preferred. It's only in the last couple of years I have appreciated her embracing all things colour (I blame my mantra 'But does it come in black?' on growing up with a mother who didn't shy away from the brighter shades, putting it mildly). But I can see how a print in all the colours of the rainbow can bring one true happiness. For that, I thank you, Mum!" Kat Farmer

"My mum's style advice comes in the form of a look: a subtle once-over – barely a flicker of the eye – that the average person is likely to miss if they aren't staring right back at her. If she says nothing, I know I need to change. And although she hates to elaborate any further than that very telling glance, I can usually get a "Those trousers don't work" or "You need a new coat" out of her if I push for it. If she utters some kind of flattering yet cringeworthy quip on the other hand, I know I've nailed it. It's a pretty effective system and she's a pretty stylish lady, so it works for me. Everine, thank you for teaching me everything you know." Kuba Shand-Baptiste

Kuba and her mum, Everine

"My mum played with fashion and make-up, but never relied on it – she was just as happy looking fabulous in heels and a slinky dress as she was chucking a coat over her nightie and taking the dogs for a walk. It mortified me when I was a teenager, but now I really appreciate her passing it down to me. When I was finding my sense of style, I worried because I was different from my friends, but she told me not to worry, because it was more important that I liked what I looked like and that I felt like myself. Mainly, though, she taught me to not worry too much about what I look like – if you're having fun, you'll look wonderful no matter what." Amy Jones

"It's from her that I get my love of a statement coat, my thrifty passion for refashioning old things into new things – ever since she used to make her old skirts into pinafores for me in the 80s – and, since I inherited a couple of her other assets too, my lifelong intolerance of the smock dress." Lauren Bravo

Lauren and her mum, Jane


"My mum’s favourite bit of style advice is always better to be underdressed than overdressed. I thought she was talking rubbish, until I wore jeans and a white shirt on a night out and felt as though I’d just learnt of my own secret superpowers. Mum is the queen of jeans and button-downs. Occasionally, she might change it up with some seriously stylish knitwear (her charity-shop cashmere radar is a source of major envy), but her outfits have one thing in common: they’re never more interesting than she is. She never lets her clothes pull focus, and she chooses them to complement her lifestyle." Daisy Buchanan

"I don't think my mum has ever explicitly given me style advice, but I've definitely absorbed her taste in clothes and find myself wearing similar things more and more often – this consists of mostly dark colours, lots of blue, but also some wild and wonderful cardigans or jumpers thrown in there for good measure. If there is a subliminal message or piece of advice within that, it's definitely 'wear what you want and don't worry about it too much'." Hannah Varrall

Hannah and her mum, Liz


"My mum consciously passed down three rules to me: never have chipped nail polish, a run in your stockings and always brush your hair. But she passed down a million other ones without really realising – that you should always wear dungarees when you can and that pink and red most definitely do go together." Lily Peschardt

"Her best advice to me is don't buy clothes that aren't comfortable, because you'll never reach for them, and I have to say (having bought too-high boots and too-tight jeans) that I agree with her." Elle Turner

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