The patent coat you'll wear all season

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Can’t justify buying yet another coat? You can when it’s super shiny and, it turns out, very practical, says Stacey Duguid   

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I call it my flashy mac, as in it’s patent and therefore rather flashy. My boyfriend’s first reaction to it was, “Erm, that’s shiny.” The kids said, “That’s funny.” The cat walked off in disgust. People, clients, colleagues – they’ve all had something to say, negative, positive, neutral, whatever; my flashy mac is a conversation starter like no other piece of clothing I’ve ever owned.

I found my flashy mac in Topshop two weeks ago. Now, a while back, after another almighty clear-out, I vowed never ever to supermarket-sweep my way along the high street again (it’s beyond wasteful), instead making sure I a) really needed and b) really loved something before hanging it in my wardrobe. So, when I first saw my flashy mac hanging on a rail by the escalator, I decided to ignore it.

From sweatshirts and jeans to bare legs and midi skirts, wear it to work, wear it at the weekend, wear it to the sandpit with the kids (wipe clean)

I didn’t need an autumn coat. I’m wearing my spring trench this autumn and last year’s navy-blue coat from Sandro will be worn throughout winter (it’s already at the dry cleaner’s). But, by the time I reached street level, that naughty little flashy mac was calling my name, so, yup, I went back downstairs to try it on. Then, I bought it. Yup. I know, I know, but bear with me.

Reasons to buy a flashy mac I didn’t really need: 1) I was so in love with the one Louis Vuitton designed five years ago I’ve never forgotten it (I’m tragic like that, especially when I can’t afford something); 2) I stupidly didn’t get the shiny black patent mac Alexa Chung designed as part of her capsule range for M&S last year – EVEN THOUGH it reminded me so much of the aforementioned hallowed Vuitton mac I so coveted. My friend bought the Chung mac and wore it with a black beret, ankle boots and skinny jeans and I almost vomited from jealousy when I had lunch with her. So, yeah, I bought the Topshop flashy mac. And I’m really glad I did. *Orders black beret, digs out ankle boots…

A word of warning: shiny patent and bum-worn Tube seats are not a match made in heaven. The first time I sat on the Tube, I almost slipped to the floor comedy-style, as if I were made entirely from rubber. As my bum collapsed towards the floor, my back slid towards the seat, making me look utterly deranged/drunk at 9am. I jumped up and stood for the rest of the journey.

As for what to wear with the super-shiny patent flashy mac you never knew you needed in your life until reading this, it lands below the knee and therefore goes everything. From sweatshirts and jeans to bare legs and midi skirts, wear it to work, wear it at the weekend, wear it to the sandpit with the kids (wipe clean). Told you, this coat’s a keeper.

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Photo: Rex 
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