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The clothes that mean home 

Big scrunchy socks, teddy-bear trousers, velvet dungarees and pretty PJs – five fashion writers tell us the clothes they wear to relax 

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Frankie Graddon

The clothes that mean home to me? My big knitted socks. I actually can’t remember where they came from, but aren’t they fantastic? As soon as I get in from work, I take off my jewellery, tie my hair up, put on my big socks and flop on the sofa. Pure bliss.

I also believe in having a nice set of pyjamas. Having spent years wearing cruddy old ones, I was given a pair for Christmas and now really look forward to putting them on. Hush do fab sets, as do Desmond & Dempsey. If you are *really* treating yourself, then have a look at Yolke’s silky styles.


Kat Farmer

As soon as I come into the house in the evening, it's bra off, sweats on. There is nothing I like better than a pair of lived-in tracky bums (elasticated waist is a given) and a sweatshirt. It’s my post-6pm uniform. Dare I say it, this is where fleece really comes into its own. That furry, teddy-bear-feel fabric is the clothing equivalent of a glass of wine – the perfect de-stresser. Made all the better with an actual glass of wine, of course. These are a pair of my favourite trackies from Whistles. I think they’re older than my third child!


Lauren Bravo

Like most people, the clothes that mean home to me are the comfortable ones – but, when you work from home, there's a very slippery slope that begins with joggers or pyjamas and ends with you in bed at 3pm with the TV on and Nutella in your hair. So, instead, I have my velvet dungarees. They're a reclaimed vintage pair, strokeably soft and slouchy, with a kind of 1970s Blue Peter-presenter charm. They make me feel arty or, at least writerly, and I wear them with loud-print shirts underneath – and, occasionally, if I really need to feel the part, my hair in a bun with a pen through it. But the most important thing about my velvet dungarees is that they never leave the house. I tried once or twice – they didn't translate. Out in the wild, I felt like a giant toddler gone rogue. But, at home, with my big socks and a mug of tea and my glasses on, they feel like one of my very best outfits.

"I bought some velvet dungarees!" I told a friend when they arrived. "But... why would you do that?" she asked, brow furrowed. If you have to ask, you clearly don't get it.  

Hannah Rochell

I know I’m truly at home when I’m wearing my “slacks”. It’s not one particular pair of tracksuit bottoms, though – I have become so obsessed with feeling relaxed at home that I have multiple pairs, and even a few cut-off ones for warmer weather, but they absolutely HAVE to be made from soft fabric. Current favourites include Zara’s cropped peg styles (though beware: these WILL shrink in the tumble drier *sob*) and some Adidas in mint green. My husband is in on it, too – we won’t settle down for a marathon box-set viewing until we are both in our slacks. I always take a pair on holiday with me, too, and change into them as soon as I get back to the hotel room. There’s something about feeling at home when you’re away that makes you relax even more.


Kerry Potter

I have an ancient marl grey Zoe Karssen slogan sweatshirt (it reads "crème de la crème", which is a bit cocky, but I like it), which I've washed a million times, but it just gets softer and cosier with age. I wear it with PJs or tracksuit bottoms, and it's cool enough that I don't mind the postman catching me wearing it.

I also absolutely love Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's nightwear range for M&S and have several pairs of the pyjamas. They are super-soft jersey, come in lovely muted shades and prints, but my favourite bit is that the bottoms have tapered legs – I hate flappy PJ legs and these are so much more flattering and modern.

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