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Stacey Duguid has done a high-street recce and found 17 amazing presents (a rip-off Gucci skirt, anyone?) for friends and family. The question is, are they too good to give away?

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"Ooh, I’d wear that" has been the Christmas-gift-buying motto I’ve lived and died by for as long as I can remember. Regardless of what I’m buying for whom, with the exception of perhaps the dog, and even then there are some pretty snazzy pet jumpers out there this winter, the majority of gifts I buy others I want to keep for myself. Personally, I reckon it’s a good thing – the people I buy gifts for tend to love their pressies. Only problem is, “their” gift often ends up in my wardrobe in a "one for them, one for me"-type situation.

I haven’t started Christmas shopping yet, preferring instead to fly by the seat of my pants. Ho ho ho, I love nothing more than a wine-fuelled trolley dash on the 23rd December. Actually, that’s a lie. I don’t, especially after last year's debacle, when I vowed never to do it again (hot, sweaty and sweary, with sore hands, is not my idea of fun, dear Oxford Street). Sigh. But, when I met a friend for lunch on the 1st December, who asked what I planned to buy the kids for Christmas, I realised I genuinely hadn’t thought about it. Not for a single second. Nor had I considered what to buy my best friend, my mum, my sister-in-law (x 2) or the teachers at school. But, obviously, I’ve seen loads of stuff I want for me. What a selfish elf.

So, here I am, without a single gift bought, yet still vowing NOT be doing an impression of that bloke running through the John Lewis underwear department at 4pm on the 24th December (guys, come on, a light-up G-string that sings?). Nah, not me – my thoughtful pressies will be wrapped and under the tree by December 22nd at the latest. OK, that’s seriously doubtful, but I have started a little window shopping and here’s my "one for them, one for me" 2016 Christmas gift wish list to prove it. Here goes:

Stacey's CHRISTMAS edit

I love this Gucci, er, M&S floral skirt. At £35, that’s my best friend sorted – she will LOVE it! But so do I and I plan to wear it with a black round-neck jumper and thick black tights over the holidays. Merry Christmas to me, etc. 


I quite fancy these earrings…


Another super-duper fashion stocking filler is this star-print washbag from Warehouse. This has my younger brother’s wife’s name on it. And mine. I want it.


You can’t go wrong with a stripy jumper, even if it comes with a little design twist, like this one that ties at the waist. My mum could wear it with the Uniqlo cords. Oh, this is all going so unbelievably well.


A cute little stocking-filler purse from & Other Stories, a young cousin or millennial relation you’re trying to impress would love this. 


This little disco bag from COS would make a great gift. Or you could wear it to jazz up anything black this Christmas.


I’ve always wanted a fancy blanket scarf. This one’s coming home with me. Sorry, “friends”.


Sorry, but this velvet dress is for me to wear on Christmas Day. End of.


You can’t go wrong with a pair of gold star earrings for a friend. These are simple and classic.


The nicest jumper I’ve seen in ages. If my boyfriend is reading this, perhaps he could buy it for me?  Failing that, it would be a lovely gift for my mother-in-law, who suits this colour and lives in freezing cold Canada. Done.


Tempted by this burgundy bucket bag, but this one’s for my friend. Maybe she’ll let me borrow it…


A swanky-looking piece of jewellery that will make you look like you’ve spent way more than you have. A present for someone you really like and love.


Am I allowed this clutch bag? No. Gift this to your cool pal, pal.


A friend at work bought these and you will NOT believe how fantastic they look on. Bag yourself a pair of cords from Uniqlo at the reduced price of £14.90. Sorry, I meant your mum/mate might love these and there’s still budget left to buy her something else…


Check out this flower-power dress from Mango! Wear it with stomping high heels on New Year’s Eve. Or, rather, wouldn’t that friend who’s done so much for you this year look incredible in this dress? Yes, buy it for her, then. Moving on.


Before you balk at £12 for a pair of tights, hear me out – they last for THREE WHOLE YEARS. Introducing the best black tights money can buy. Stick them in a loved one's Christmas stocking. Stockings in stockings. Geddit? 

Pearl earrings, but modern. Love these. Obviously. 


Hope you find a little shopping inspiration out there this week, but if you don’t, I highly recommend a couple of mulled wines followed by a Baileys chaser before going out and trying again. Well, I guess that’s me sorted for Christmas, shame no one else is *prepares to leg it round John Lewis underwear department at 4pm on the 24th December*

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