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Dieting isn’t self care. Body brushing to get rid of cellulite isn’t wellness. Drinking matcha vegan kale juice isn’t the definition of healthy. WELLBEING EVENTS NEED TO DO BETTER. On that note...keep your eyes peeled for the @antidietriotclub SELF CARE DAY being announced soon. I’m teaming up with @thedietboycott and hopefully we can offer something a bit different...🤞🏽 —— Two weeks ago, I was invited up to @floatfestivalmcr with @harri_rose_ to deliver our boob printing workshops & take part in a panel discussion on intuitive eating, diets, joyful cooking etc. So so soooo many #wellbeing events these days just propagate diet culture masquerading as “wellness” & so I’m honoured @antidietriotclub could be involved to bring that “FUCK DIET” realness. Also there were lots of opportunities to be creative, this is me having a whale of a time in between our sessions making marbled clay earrings with @studio.momu 💚 —— Photo by @fionafinchett [image description: Anti Diet Riot Club founder Becky is sitting down at a workshop table with other women. She’s laughing with her mouth wide open, wearing a grey polo neck and rolling green clay between the palms of her hands]

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