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You know you’ve found a good product when you’re only halfway down the tube and already worrying about it being finished. What will I do when it’s gone? How can I get my hands on another? What happens if it’s sold out – or, worse, discontinued?! Fortunately, the product that I am currently experiencing this angst over is very much still in stock and, thank God, because it has become a genuine morning must. I’m talking about Bobbi Brown’s Extra Illuminating Moisture Balm: a light, skin-plumping cream that gives you the loveliest hint of glow.

Glow! Yay! Everybody wants glow, don’t they? Like J.Lo and Jennifer Aniston. A lit-from-within, just-had-a-green-juice, maybe-also-a-shag, glorious GLOW. Nothing too sweaty-looking mind, not in this heatwave. Fresh and luminous is the aim and Bobbi’s moisture balm has this nailed, thanks to tiny pearly pigments that catch the light in the loveliest way. Pick from three glowy colours: Golden Glow (great for summer), Pink Glow (for a pretty rosey look) or Bare Glow (which gives you pure unadulterated glowy goodness).

So, how to use it? As the name implies, it gives skin a moisture boost and certainly leaves it feeling soft. In my experience, if you have dry/dehydrated skin, then it’s not quite enough to go without your daily moisturiser/serum. But as a radiance-boosting layer after skincare and under your foundation, it works a treat, especially if you’ve woken up feeling tired/duller than dishwater. I also use it as a highlighter, dotting a few dabs on to cheekbones after I’ve applied my base. It’s also great for waking up day-old make-up if you’re popping out in the evening – put a little bit on to your fingertips and press all over your face. Or, if you don’t want to bother with foundation/tinted moisturiser, then it’s perfect for giving bare skin a little lift.  

Of course, it’s a shade on the pricey side. But what I will say is that, as with all Bobbi products, it delivers. Plus, you really do only need a bit – two squirts will do your entire face; one squirt will do highlights – so it lasts for an age.






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