A fresh face mist for hot and sticky days

Cool, clean and crisp – here’s your melty-make-up solution

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By Frankie Graddon on

It’s hot. Obviously. You don’t need me to tell you that. What you do need me to tell you, however, is how to deal with it. I wanted this column to be about deodorant – the ultimate deodorant – but I don’t think I’ve found it yet. Many have championed Mitchum and Sure; I’m using Right Guard – the bloke’s one. It’s the most effective I’ve found but smells like teenage boy, which, though once upon a time had a certain appeal, most definitely no longer does. So, no, I’m yet to discover the ultimate deodorant. I’ll check back in when I do (and all suggestions gratefully received).

Instead, this week I am going to tell you about Caudalie’s Grape Water mist, which is a gem for cooling down hot-and-bothered faces. This is basically a bottle of fancy water –  grape water; 100% grape water in fact. There are no whizzy ingredients or added boosters; it’s purely and simply what it says on the tin. Which is to say that it’s soothing, hydrating, gentle and cooling – especially when you stash it in the fridge (honestly, do it – it’s a delight). It can be used on all skin types, even sensitive, and is actually pretty great for taking down redness, be that skin irritation or boiling-commute-induced.

As you would expect, it smells amazing – delicate and fresh (FYI it’s fragrance-free, so fret not if you have sensitive skin). I have one on my desk that I spritz on a daily basis, especially toward the 5pm mark, when I’m starting to feel like I’ve wilted and would quite like to go home now, please. It has a real perk-you-up quality. I can also imagine a bottle on a bedside table is a good idea for stuffy nights. I’ve also been known to use it to refresh end-of-day make-up: mist away, then tap on a bit of extra concealer and bronzer – job’s a good’un.

It’s affordable, too. Usually £11 for the big 200ml bottle, it’s currently on offer at Look Fantastic, where you can get two bottles for £16. Stick one on your desk and keep one at home, or, if you’re a nicer person than me, give one to a friend. There’s also a smaller 75ml bottle, which is perfect for travelling (forget sheet masks – misting on a flight is so hot right now) and rings in at £6. A snip.



Grape Water


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