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By Frankie Graddon on

When three women – all of impeccable taste – recommend you the same beauty product in the same week, you know it’s got to be good. When said beauty product is £6.99 and can be found on your local high street, you’ve pretty much hit the jackpot. So if you haven’t already, today’s the day to acquaint yourself with Simple’s Hydrating Cleansing Oil.

"Silky!", "speedy!", "gets rid of mascara too!" came the endorsements and my gosh are they right. This little bottle of soothing oil is the business for giving your face a comprehensive cleanse at the end of the day. A couple of drops massaged onto dry skin dissolves make-up (and yes, that includes mascara), meaning that when you rinse with warm water, your skin is as clean as a whistle, as fresh as a daisy and any other simile you care to throw at it.

Ah, but hang on – oil for cleansing? What’s that about? Well, oils are actually brilliant at shifting grease and dirt in a gentle, non-stripping way. They can be used on both dry and oily skin types, giving dry skin a moisture boost and helping to balance natural oil levels on greasy skin. There are zillions on the market covering all price brackets but for efficiency, experience and value, you’ll be hard pushed to find better than Simple. Just what January ordered.





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