5 great buys to rescue crap skin for under £15

The very best products to solve January-face

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I never thought it would come to this. After a month of overloading on carbs and booze, the sight of Quality Street is making me visibly recoil and celery (easily the world's most boring vegetable) has never looked so appealing. God forbid. I've made it through in largely one piece. My face, though? Eek. Dry cheeks, greasy chin, spots galore and general bleurgh-ness reign supreme. I'd like to throw some posh face creams and maybe a trip to the spa at it, but we're all stony broke. The only coins I have are chocolate (*yelps*) and the less said about them, the better. So, instead, I've raided the office's January box of newness and my own personal stash for solutions under £15. These are the best.

For when your forehead looks suspiciously slippery

If you haven't heard of YourGoodSkin, you're going to want to hear this. It's Boots' first new own-brand launch in over 15 years (!) as well as our editor's top brand of 2017 (!!), so it means business. Their Immediate Shine Relief is no exception. It does what it says on the tin and relieves excess oil and greasiness immediately. Apply it evenly over your face (or areas that are especially shiny) before your foundation in the morning, or pat it over your make-up if you need a top-up in the afternoon.


For when mount etna has erupted on your chin

One ingredient in particular is magic for blemishes and you'll regularly find it in high-end spot treatments, from Sunday Riley to Tata Harper. The ingredient, for those asking? Salicylic acid. It's a type of BHA (beta hydroxy acid), meaning it can exfoliate away cells blocking the top of your pores, as well as loosening the cells clogged together inside, to help hoover-out gunk. You did ask. The Ordinary (they of incredible skincare at affordable prices) offers a concentrated form at two per cent – enough to really help budge stubborn spots without stinging too much (in my experience), provided you don't apply it to an open wound (not recommended), and all for under a fiver. Note: apply it topically just over spots as it may dry your skin slightly, in which case, the next product on my list will help.


For when your cheeks feel like aN OLD LOAF

This is not a new product; in fact, it's firmly earned a place in top make-up artists' kits and backstage at fashion week on account of its immediately health-ifying abilities. What is new is the packaging, which now has a rather chic illustration of Paris to cheer up January days. Massage this across your face as you would a moisturiser. It gives you hydrated soft-feeling skin in an instant and is the ideal base for smooth make-up application.


For when your face looks dull as CAN BE

It's tempting to bring out the big guns when your skin looks crap and throw everything at it you possibly can. The stronger, the better. But the truth is, if your skin is prone to sensitivity (which, studies have found, means 62 per cent of us), using anything too astringent is more likely to irritate our skin than help it. Instead, go for a gentler approach. Nip+Fab's Glycolic Fix Gentle Pads contain a lower-than-usual percentage (three per cent) of glycolic acid, which gently lifts away dead skin to reveal the fresh healthy skin beneath, and it's cushioned by soothing aloe vera and panthenol to add moisture. Sweep over cheeks, chin and forehead once a week for glow.


For A Bit of cheer (and a deep clean)

If you don't mind looking ridiculous, then GlamGlow's brand-new bubble mask is for you. Yep, it does seem a bit novelty, but it's actually genius. The clarifying charcoal draws out impurities and, since it's highly absorbent, mops them up, too, while the green-tea-infused cleanser leaves skin looking radiant. Apply to a damp face, leave it to do its thing for three minutes, then massage away any remaining bubbles. BONUS: you can even apply it over the top of make-up and it will sweep it away. 



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