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Five products, five steps – treat yourself to a proper end-of-day face cleanse

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There is perhaps nothing nicer than giving your face a wash at the end of the day. Get home, earrings out, bra off, hair up, wine poured, make-up off aaaaand breathe.

Of course, in an ideal world every evening would facilitate a full cleansing ritual and we’d all have skin like Gwyneth Paltrow's; however, life tends to dictate that that’s rarely the case. But, while a quick wash-and-go might do you most nights, how about a proper cleanse once a week to get rid of the day’s bleurgh? Here’s how.

You will need

Step one

Soak a large cotton pad in make-up remover and hold on each eye for five seconds to dissolve your mascara before gently wiping away. You can also use this to remove lipstick.

Step two

Massage a good-sized blob of cleansing balm all over your face until it melts into a lightweight-oil consistency. Use upward circular motions over your neck, cheeks and forehead to increase blood flow and help lift and firm your skin.

Step three

Rinse a face cloth under warm water, ring it out and then hold over your face for a few seconds before giving it a good wipe. This gets rid of all the muck and has the added bonus of giving your skin a little exfoliate. You can spend a fortune on swanky face cloths, but a cheap one will do the job.

*If you wear full coverage base, or are feeling particularly grimy, you may want to repeat steps two and three*

Step four

Pump a couple of drops of serum into the palm of your hand, then pat all over your face. Applying a serum before your moisturiser will give your skin an extra hit of active ingredients that can target specific skincare needs like lines, pigment and dehydration. The one I’ve used here helps with uneven skintone and boosts radiance. Lovely.

Step five

Finish by smoothing on a layer of moisturising face mask. To minimise faff, use one that you can leave overnight, so that you can slap it on and crash into bed straight away. I like to do a little twist with my fingers over my forehead where I’ve been frowning all week. It feels lovely and helps lessen my furrows.

Done. And so to bed. Night.

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