Is this the world's best concealer?

Covers spots like you wouldn’t believe *and* hides dark circles. This is a truly amazing concealer

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By Frankie Graddon on

I feel cheated, confused and really quite pissed-off. Aren’t spots supposed to be for when you’re a teenager? Once we become *actual* adults isn’t ropey skin a thing of the past? I though yes. I was wrong. As I head towards thirty, I am having to battle surprise break-outs most mornings. Really annoying. As if there wasn’t enough to deal with. 

It’s probably to do with stress (isn’t everything?) lack of sleep and quaffing well over the recommended weekly wine limit. Hormones too – they usually have something to do with it. Pests. During a recent facial I was prescribed the following; more water, less refined sugar (pass me the dried chickpeas – urgh) and, of course, a weekly facial. A fine idea I'm sure, but one that really isn’t going to happen. 

Fine. So what to do? Conceal, that’s what. In the midst of a morning spot attack concealer is your very best bet. 

I’ve been on the hunt for an effective concealer for a while and last week I found it. Brilliantly it’s called AmazingConcealer and really, it is. Offering military grade camouflage without looking claggy, it covers spots, redness and blemishes a treat. It’s also great at hiding dark circles. Blend in a triangle shape from the inside corner of your eyes down to your cheek bone and then out towards your temples. 

It isn't cheap – £19.50 – but I'd say fully worth it. The formula is highly concentrated so you only need a tiny bit, meaning the tube lasts for ages and it stays on your face all day. Plus it comes in a decent range of colours from fair to dark caramel. 

An amazing concealer indeed. 




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