Is this the new cult perfume of the summer?

Calvin Klein has launched Women, its first perfume under Raf Simons. Frankie Graddon takes a sniff

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When it comes to iconic perfumes, Calvin Klein has got to be up there. You’ve got 1985’s Obsession, with all its glamorous and heady jasmine, rose, orange blossom and amber; the late 80’s Eternity, with it’s green, floral scent evoking images of Christy Turlington, white bed sheets and beaches in The Hamptons; and, of course, CK One, with its clean, utilitarian bottle and fresh, laid-back scent, which encapsulated the mid-90s – cargo trousers, checked shirts, Kate Moss and Levi's 501s. Launched in 1994, it was the first unisex fragrance and became the scent of an era. Perhaps it’s this legacy that makes news of Calvin Klein’s new perfume – the first under designer extraordinaire Raf Simons, who has helmed the fashion house since 2016 – all the more exciting. That and the fact that I am on the hunt for a new perfume to take on my hols.

Called “Women”, the theory behind the perfume is all do to with, well, women. According to the press notes, Simons wanted to celebrate the individuality, uniqueness and multifaceted nature of women. How very nice of him. Perfume-wise, this translates into a woody, floral perfume that mixes the pine scent of eucalyptus acorns with the fresh floral scent of orange flower and the clean, warm smell of Alaskan cedarwood. And the result is highly sprayable. What starts as a pretty floral shifts into a citrus zing, before mellowing into something reminiscent of of a long, lazy nap in the sun. Heaven. What’s more, the scent sticks. I spritzed this morning and, even after copious amounts of sweating, it’s still lingering come mid-afternoon.

The bottle, although not possessing the sexy curves of Obsession nor the cool minimalism of CK One, has its own charm. It’s certainly unusual, but it packs good shelf appeal, which is always a bonus when it comes to buying perfume.

Currently exclusive to Harvey Nichols (it will be stocked in more retailers next month), prices start at £39 for 30ml eau de parfum.




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