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Who needs mistletoe when you have Tonka Wood?

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By Frankie Graddon on

“A mischievous breeze allows the curtain to breathe, allowing a slip of smoky golden midnight to wander through the room, casting its gaze across the lipstick left carelessly on the mahogany dresser, a bit of silk tossed over a leather chair. As the moonlight makes its exit, the violet shadows whisper secrets witnessed only by the stars.”

No, that is not the latest script by Woody Allen – it is the description of Tonka Wood, one of the new scents from Zara Home’s perfume range, launched just last week. Doesn't it sound… fabulous?

The perfume – one of six new scents – majors on vetiver, bergamot and tonka bean. Roughly translated, this means it has a deep and woody scent, with smoky amaretto undertones and a citrus zing. It smells, as Caroline in the office pointed out, how you’d imagine Aaron Eckhart to smell: suave, stubbly, rich and highly snoggable. 

And it doesn’t stop there. The bottle is pretty sexy, too. Cylindrical glass with a heavy black lid – it has a touch of Byredo about it. Naturally, it would look gorgeous sitting on a bathroom shelf, or clinking next to a whisky glass on the bedside table (hello, Mr Eckhart). 

Like all of the scents in the collection, Tonka Wood is unisex and, though it would make a lovely gift for the menfolk, I think there is nothing more delicious than spritzing it on yourself.

Zara Home’s first foray into personal fragrances (previously, they have only done room scents), the range was designed with internationally renowned perfumers Alberto Morillas and Jerome Epinette, meaning that it has some hardcore credentials. And, at only £29.99 for 100ml of eau de toilette, it certainly smells, and looks, far more expensive than it is.  




100ml eau de toilette

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