7 things I learned from The King of Brows

Brow-fluencer Sal Cikikcioglu gave Frankie Graddon his A-lister eyebrow makeover and here’s what happened

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When it comes to the world of eyebrows, Sal Cikikcioglu is the name to know about. Having tended the brows of many a celebrity and with over 300,000 followers on Instagram, Cikikcioglu is a bona fide brow-fluencer. Currently the brow ambassador (brambassador?) for Urban Decay, I caught up with him to get his tips on achieving A-list brows.

Brows frame your face – they can change the shape of it

Sal tells me that as well as giving your face structure, eyebrows can actually change the shape of your face. For example, arched brows will make your face look longer, while flatter brows (such as the Audrey brow shape, which is currently popular) will make your face look shorter.

Always start filling in your brows from the tail

Sal splits the brows into three sections: A, B and C, with A being at the tail of your brow. When filling in your brows, he recommends starting at point A and working your way through to the midpoint (B), then finishing up at the head of your brow (C), getting lighter as you go. This means that if you start too heavy with your pencil, by the time you get to the head of your brow you can lighten it up and make everything look more natural.

Get a spoolie

“A spoolie is your best friend when it comes to your brows,” says Sal, who explains that a spoolie will get rid of any hard lines. You can also use it to blend your pencil to a softer look if you’ve gone in too hard. Brush your spoolie in the direction of your natural hair growth, combing them up slightly if you want a bushier look.

Watch Sal's brow masterclass below

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If you have oily skin, use a brow powder

If you find that oily skin makes your brow pencil slide off, then consider switching to a powder, which will mattify your skin and cling to the hairs longer. If you are wedded to your pencil, then dust translucent powder on to your brows before you draw them in.

Fake hair-like strokes

Using a fine-tipped brow felt tip, lightly draw on little hair-like strokes at the head and tail of your brows. This will give them a really natural look. This technique can also be used for extending the tail of your brows and filling in gaps where hairs have shed. (Sal tells me that brows, like other hair, go through a cycle, so shedding is totally normal.)

The more undone your brows, the less hard work they are

Sal tells me that the days of the manicured "Insta brow" are over and that a fluffier, more undone brow is currently trending (he says that Perrie Edwards from Little Mix is his most-requested brow style). For an ultra-low-maintenance brow, use a brow gel to groom the shape and set your hairs in place. A tinted style will add a bit of colour.

Go light

When looking for the correct colour of brow product, ”always start off one shade lighter”, says Sal, who explains that a lighter colour can always be built up to achieve depth. “Once you’ve got the hang of it, you can go use a darker shade,” he instructs.






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