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Do these "easy-to-apply" eyeliners really work?

Eyeliner is notoriously tricky, so can the new breed of eyeliner cheats (designed to make application a doddle) really help salvage wobbly wings? Team Pool tried them out

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By Elle Turner on

Many will relate to wonky liner that, despite our best attempts, looks nothing like what we set out to create and more like Alice Cooper on a mad one. Even when we manage to nail one eye, getting the other to match is nigh-on impossible. Which is when the new breed of helpful eyeliner cheats comes into play. They promise to make application easier and less traumatic, from Clarins' 3-dot liner that can be plotted along the lash line in several taps without the need for one long stroke to the Vamp Stamp's stamp-on wings, which take care of your flicks for you. The question is, do they really work? The verdict's in from Team Pool...


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