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This micro-fine blusher will convert cream make-up lovers to powder

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By Frankie Graddon on

Until last week, I would have put myself in the “cream not powder” camp when it comes to make-up. I adore the silky slip of a cream eyeshadow, blusher or highlighter, and have never been delighted by the way powders can clag, especially when feeling sweaty. (Trish McEvoy’s Translucent Finishing Powder being the exception to the rule.) I say until last week, because that’s when I was introduced to Laura Mercier’s brand new Blush Colour Infusion – a series of cloud-light blusher compacts that, as luck would have it, launched today.

Where previous powder blushers haven’t always given me the sheerness of colour or “it still looks like my skin” texture, these little beauties offer both. The micro-fine powder swooshes on to your cheeks beautifully, leaving a soft, pretty flush of colour, rather than an angry stripe. And, because they’re so fine, they blend easily, meaning the whole effect is very natural.

Shade wise, you can pick from 10, which range from the palest of peaches to poppy pink. Five shades (Rosé, Chai, Ginger, Strawberry and Kir Royale) offer a matte finish, while the other five (Fresco, Pomegranate, Peach, Sangria and Ginger) have a gentle pearly sheen. Both finishes are equally lovely, it just depends on what you fancy. Because I’ve got a lot of red in my skin tone, the browner Fresco, Peach and Chai are right up my street, however, for those less naturally rouge the Strawberry, Rosé and Sangria are where you want to be shopping. Deep skin tones would look amazing in Grapefruit and Pomegranate.

A quick note on application. You want to be using a medium-to-large soft dome brush or a fan brush. Smile to find the apples of your cheeks and then starting in the middle of those apples (which is roughly in line with your pupils), sweeping in circles moving out along your cheekbones and towards your hair line. If you’re nervous of applying too much colour, tap your brush on the side of the compact to knock a bit of powder off first.

Each compact is £24 and is currently available from (utilise the free shipping by stocking up on Caviar Sticks and the tinted moisturiser while you’re there). Or hold fire until the beginning of next week, when it will be available online at SpaceNK and John Lewis.



Blush Colour Infusion


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