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The eyeshadow palette even the cack-handed can use

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As previously discussed, I am not one for faffy eye make-up; however, I do like to do a bit of a "look" at this time of the year. I’ve already told you about the godsend that is Trish McEvoy’s cream shadow stick and, after a recent conversation with my fellow Pooler Hannah, I’d like to welcome Bobbi Brown’s Downtown Cool Eye Shadow Palette to the club of Fantastically Easy Eyeshadow for the Chronically Cack-Handed (FEECCH for short).

A compact quad containing four matte grey/brown shades, this palette is your shortcut to a convincing smoky eye. And when I say it's a doddle to use, I mean it. If "weeping panda" is your typical smoky-eyed look, you'll be delighted to know that this foursome is subtle yet impactful, highly blendable and doesn't crease or slide. As Hannah explained: "I'm genuinely moronic when it comes to doing smoky eyeshadow and even I can use it." 

As for the method, if you are going full bells and whistles, you'll want to start by blending the pale "Grey" shade all over your eyelid and up towards your eyebrow. (A soft, angled brush is your best bet here as it will give you precision and make it easy to blend.) Then go in with one of the mid-tones all over your eyelid, from lash line to crease. BLEND. Finish with the darker "Cool Grey" shade along just your upper lashline – BLEND – then smudge a little bit along your lower lash line with the brush or your little finger. Blend once more for luck. You won't need eyeliner, just some mascara. 

If you're after something more low-key, replace the Cool Grey from the final step with the Brunette, or skip it all together. No pressure – just build the colours up as dramatic as you want to go. 





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