The Pool’s “going out-out” beauty essentials

From disco eye shadow to a shine-banishing compact, fully equip yourself for a night on the tiles with Team Pool's beauty picks

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By Elle Turner on

It's party season – a time to shed our slippers and embrace going "out-out". Alongside what clothes to wear, there's the question of what to stick on our face or bring with us in those teeny tiny clutch bags. I've had a rifle through my colleagues' make-up bags and rounded up the essentials Team Pool swears by to get us through a night on the tiles intact and in style.

Frankie Graddon – The all-night mascara

If I had to pick one beauty product that gets me in the mood to go out, it would rather predictably be a good red lipstick. And I defy anyone to not feel instantly festive with my current Chanel favourite. However, you’ve heard that one before, plus a red lip is nothing without a good pair of eyelashes to go with it. For this, it has to be MAC In Extreme Dimension 3D Black Lash Mascara. It’s black as the night, creates curl and volume, and gives you the kind of lashes you want with you at a party. Once it’s on, it’s on – so no flaking or smudging, no matter how enthusiastic the dancing. 



I tend to keep NARS' long-wear eyeshadow in Tropic on hand if I know a going-out situation might arise. It's bluey green and sparkly, which means you only need a light dusting on your eyelids (I wear mine as close to the lash line as possible and only take it to the crease) to instantly feel more done-up and glittery. Add mascara and you've got party make-up in approximately 11 seconds. 


ELLE TURNER – The hair saviour

I've said it before and I'll say it again: you can't beat a bit of dry shampoo to salvage flat or oily hair. It's the one thing I'll always make room for in my out-out bag, so I can top up in the loos. The key is grabbing a mini version; Lee Stafford's is great as it contains corn starch to thoroughly absorb any greasiness and adds volume whilst leaving your hair feeling clean.


AMY JONES – The shine sorter-outer

I have a lovely Paul & Joe powder compact that I always carry. It's tiny and sturdy and makes me feel pretty and glamorous when I use it, but it also takes away any shine/excitable redness in just a few pats of the pouffey thing. It's brilliant. 


Jo Morrell – The party perfume

I love Kiehl’s musk – it’s my party fragrance. It reminds me of going out dancing and late-night cocktails in New York when I used to travel there in the early 2000s. It smells like good times. 


Sally Moussawi - the Balm that does it all

Glossier's Birthday Balm Dotcom has a bit of shimmer, so gives lips a subtle sheen and keeps them lovely and soft. Plus, it's a multi-tasker, so you can comb it through unruly brows or pat over your cheekbones to highlight. And it's handbag-sized, so ideal for a night out.


ALEXIS BAKER – the sweat buster  

I always bring along a mini deodorant to keep me feeling nice and fresh throughout the evening. I'm not fussy – I'll go for whatever's on offer – but the Nivea Pearl one is compact and smells lovely. So long as it's around a quid, it doesn't matter too much if I lose it before the night's over. 


JADE HUTCHINSON – the tortured-toe rescuer

Blister plasters in my bag are always a MUST if I’m wearing anything other than flats, which, to be honest, only ever happens on an out-out night. They've rescued me from shredding my feet in torturous shoes on countless occasions. When I’m short on cash, I’ll get a supermarket own brand, but Compeeds are the only way forward when you’re in real footwear distress. 



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