How to cheat expert eye make-up 

Frankie Graddon's found the long-lasting, five-second secret just in time for party season

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I am very aware that party season is heading our way, which means that some sort of effort on the make-up front will need to be made. If, like me, you are a fan of getting dressed up, but lack the skill (and patience) to create an intricate make-up look, then this is where things can get tricky. 

Having had one too many smoky-eye disasters in my time (I was once asked if I’d been in the loo, crying, when, in fact, I’d just done a touch-up), I’ve learnt to keep things simple. (But, crucially, not boring). Unless you are a dab hand with the eyeshadow brush, I suggest you step away from the palettes and pick up a crayon, namely Trish McEvoy 24-hour Eyeshadow & Liner – a 2-in-1 breeze of a product. 

One of the easiest eye products I’ve ever used, the soft and velvety cream glides on and blends expertly with just a few finger dabs. Twist the crayon up, scribble it over your eyelids from lash line to socket, run it along your bottom lashes (no need for extra liner), then give it a smudge with your finger. That’s it – a five-second job. 

You can choose from four colours: Topaz, a soft bronze; Smokey Quartz, a smoky brown; Crystal Gray, a smoky silver; and Rose Quartz – think pink champagne. Each has a hint of shimmer which, before you recoil in horror, only serves to up the sophistication levels and make it look like you’ve made even more of an effort. 

If your party season is going to involve a sweaty dancefloor (or trying to hail a cab in the rain), then fear not – these don’t crease or slide one bit. And, as the name would imply, they last for 24 hours – or at least until bedtime.



24-Hour Eyeshadow & Liner


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