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We coaxed our beauty team to reveal the one beauty product getting them most excited for autumn and, boy, did they deliver. This little lot will add some razz to an otherwise cold, dreary month. And with a cracking eye palette to see you through all occasions, the Rolls-Royce of hand sanitizers and this season's lip shade to name a few, resistance really is futile.

Frankie Graddon: Essie's dressed to the 90s collection

While summer is all about pale, pinky nails, for me autumn is definitely dark and dramatic. I have my eye on two shades from Essie's new limited-edition collection: Dressed To The 90s – a deep bluey purple – and Knee High Life – a rich claret. As with all Essie polishes, they offer smooth application, a glossy finish and are hard-wearing. An easy new-season update if there ever was one. 


Tory Frost: Nars Kiss Me Stupid lipstick

It might not be a new product, but I can't WAIT to start wearing NARS Kiss Me Stupid again. This satin finish lippy, which landed back in January, is the perfect shade of terracotta – like a crispy autumn leaf or a pumpkin spice latte (only without the gross sugar hangover).  


HAnnah Banks-Walker: Sisley Instant glow primer 

I'm very sceptical when it comes to products that promise a "glow" – particularly as most things tend to do so at the moment. But this primer really does make a difference to skin; it feels lovely and moisturising and just makes skin look more awake. I use it under foundation and also over my make-up, too, at the end of the day or when I feel like I just need a bit of a boost. I know it's not cheap, but you only need to use a little bit at a time and it really is an investment worth making. And I don't say that lightly. 



Strangely, I'm massively excited about the launch of a hand sanitiser. But this, let me just point out, isn't any old hand sanitiser – this is the Rolls-Royce of hand sanitisers. This is a Byredo hand sanitiser. As winter creeps towards us, bringing with it a slew of coughs, colds and flu, I will be smugly pulling out my Byredo Hand Sanitiser in Vetyver (a refreshing blend of pomelo, jasmine and vetiver) on public transport. Sanitising your hands has just got a whole load chicer.


Alice Du Parcq: Bobbi Brown EyeShadow Palette

Thank God for autumn – I’ve had it up to here with wishy-washy rainbow festival make-up. This Bobbi Brown Caviar & Rubies Eye Shadow Palette (available in November) delivers at least a dozen variations of power-peepers for all your seasonal scenarios. There are three light-to-medium fudgy caramel tones for subtle, smoky Bette Davis side-eyes. Then three chunky chocolates to ramp things up should you land yourself a snazzy invite somewhere. Then things get serious with an inky indigo and an 85 per cent bitter cocoa, offering two ways to kohl up one’s lash rims for the sultriest, sulkiest of stares. Finally, the jewel in the crown: a bonkers gold shimmery square that's like a tiny light-up disco dancefloor. Pat it over the whole lid, smudge it on the inner corners – who cares how you wear it? This is glorious, grown-up hedonism at your fingertips. 



This may seem like a very odd thing to get excited about, nevertheless, I've been taken in by Spacemasks' strange little eye masks. These aren't skincare-infused stick-ons engineered to tone, de-puff and brighten; instead they're self-heating (and thoroughly relaxing) pads of joy, designed to cuddle up to your eye bags, soothe strain and allow you to drift off from the day. Treat yourself to an early night and pop them on when you get into bed. They last about 20 minutes, giving you plenty of time to nod off and are exactly what's needed on a chilly autumn evening. They even have loops on either side to fix round your ears so they don't slide off. 


Kelly Gilbert: Gucci BLOOM Perfume

I love the "Granny's florals" box and lacquered porcelain bottle of Gucci's new Bloom fragrance. Within is a potent, surprising flowery scent that I find moreish to say the least. Autumn is when I really like to wear fragrance. I don't feel bothered in summer, but there's something about winter coats and layering that makes me want to envelop myself in a memorable scent. And this is just the ticket.


Hannah Betts: TopShop Glow Liquid Highlighter

I've sported a full face of foundation every day since the age of 11 – moments of near death apart – until a few weeks ago, when I discovered Topshop Glow. Since then, I've opted for a little base on my T-zone and this preternaturally youth-imparting highlighter everywhere else. The stuff is crazily radiant, yet also boasts good coverage, meaning I've never received more compliments. Being vampire pale, I wear it in Misty. However, there is a series of more land-of-the-living shades.



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