How to solve rain-face (and hair)

Shining one minute, bucketing the next – here's our beauty rescue kit to see you through this week's downpours

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As Brits, we do like to witter on about the weather, don't we? This week, there's been ample conversation fodder. Monday was a washout, yesterday was glorious and today it looks like we're trudging home in the rain again. What a pickle. Mid-May's specific mixture of drizzle and heat means we've found ourselves both soaked and sweaty – ripe ground for humidity-induced frizz and slippery faces. Nevertheless, there are products out there to ensure you'll never again walk into the office with foundation sliding off your chin. Here's what you'll need:


This stuff saw off a steamy train, a downpour and a spin class without budging. A testament to Benefit's ace rainproof formula. The bendy silicone brush catches every single lash, elongating and separating for full, defined lashes that won't leak into panda eyes or smudge across your brow bone. 


AN eyeliner That stays put: Bobbi Brown Waterproof liner

Bobbi Brown's new Long-wear Waterproof Liner contains minimal oils (which are more likely to smudge in damp conditions) and was specificially tested in the most wet and humid climates to ensure it could withstand smearing. And that it does. Twelve-plus hours of wear and a shower later, it still gripped fast (though it comes away with an oil-based cleanser). Plus, it comes in eight very wearable shades, from classic jet black, through charcoals and navy, to chocolates, plum and dark green.


A Budgeproof Setting spray: Urban Decay All Nighter

One of the originals – but still the best – Urban Decay's All-Nighter manages to de-slick a shiny-looking face without making you look powdery or dull. Plus, the light texture means it doesn't feel like you've hairsprayed your face. Spritz a light mist over your face in the morning after applying your make-up to set it in place all day. You can even top up in the afternoon with Urban Decay's handbag-sized mini (£10).

ANTI-FRIZZ HAIRSPRAY: Umberto Giannini Anti-humidity hairspray

This gives an impressive medium hold, perfect for keeping your hair in place (though not one for gravity-defying up-dos), and can be brushed out, so that it doesn't cause a build-up of product. The smell is fresh and, most importantly, it contains smoothing technology with the help of special styling resins which resist against damp and humid weather to prevent hair from frizz.


A Hide-it-in-a-bun Hair tie: INvisibobble traceless ring hair band

If everything's gone awry and there's no hope of rescuing hair that's been drenched, slick it back into a bun with an Invisibobble hair tie. Snag-resistant, they're virtually undetectable and don't leave a kink. 


S.O.S BLOTTING PAPERS: Nyx Blotting Papers

Lift away sweat and rain droplets with NYX's genius blotting papers. There are four types to choose from: original Matte, Fresh Face (which contains clarifying salicylic acid), Green Tea (a brightening antioxidant) and Tea Tree (to blitz oily T-zones). All are made from absorbant pulp paper that mops up grease without disturbing your make-up. They're a good size to fling in your bag, too.



For normal to slightly oily skin, use a small amount of lightweight powder to seal everything in place. Bare Minerals SPF 25 Mineral Veil absorbs oil, blurs fine lines and leaves skin looking matte but still fresh. It has sun protection, too. (If you have very oily skin, stick to blotters to avoid caking.)


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