The surprising success of an eye gloss

Frankie Graddon on the spring make-up trend she’s trying

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I'm not usually one for trends when it comes to make-up, preferring instead to stick to what suits my face. Needless to say, I shan’t be doing this season’s yellow eyeshadow, feather brows or glitter tears. (Yikes!) Having said that, variety is the spice of life, plus I’ve been stuck in a bit of a make-up rut recently, so I reckon now’s the time to introduce a dash of summertime newness. And by this I mean gloss.

Bear with. 

Where make-up has firmly been about all things matte for the past few months (matte liquid lipstick being the champion of this), for summer it's veering towards the fresh and glossy. Think glowy skin, sheeny lips and plenty of highlighter. While I'm still coming round to the idea of lip gloss (I've been easing myself in with Lancôme's new lip shakers which give a subtle sheen and no gloop), I’m fully sold on the idea of a glossy eyelid, thanks to Bobbi Brown's new Eye Gloss liquid shadow.

Part of the new Gloss & Glow collection (see what they did there?), this little stick paints a wash of gloss over your eyelids, giving a healthy-looking twinkle. Imagine you have been dipped in a pool, drunk a huge glass of water and now have the hydration levels of a dozen water pistols. This is the look it gives. Especially good when it catches the light, the subtle effect is brightening and completely wonderful at giving zing when tired and/or hungover.

It comes in three juicy colours: Island Pink (soft and rosy), Nude (minky brown) and, my favourite, Beach Nude, a paler shade which knocks down the red in my eyelids. Though the texture is light, there is the faintest hint of tackiness, which some might find annoying (I imagine if you have an eye-skimming fringe, this is you), but personally I don’t mind. 

To use, swipe it on, then pat in with your finger. As the colour is sheer, you needn't be too neat – I regularly applied it on the go and at speed. The effect lasts all day, so no need to keep topping it up, and it comes off easily with make-up remover. 





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