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I was introduced to Trish McEvoy a few months ago, when I had the pleasure of having my face done by resident make-up artist Francesco at the counter in Liberty. Sceptical of most beauty-hall makeovers (why do they always make you look at least 20 years older than when you walked in?), I was genuinely delighted at the fresh and understated finished result. What’s more, every product was fully explained and I was shown how to put them on properly. So, if you happen to be in that neck of the woods, then pop in to see Francesco and send my regards.

Since then, I've become a big Trish McEvoy fan. The American brand, launched by make-up artist Trish and her dermatologist husband, Ronald, isn't hugely well known over here (despite being around since the 70s), but is well worth investigating. You will find something Trish McEvoy in most beauty editors' make-up bags, including mine. I regularly use the Translucent Finishing Powder (make-up sliding off? This will sort it) and the Lip Perfector Conditioning Balm, which gives your lips the prettiest tint and plumps them up. The Filofax-style make-up planner has a well-deserved cult following, while the Intense Gel Eyeliner is widely regarded as one of the best around. 

But the point of today's column is to tell you about my very favourite Trish McEvoy product – the Instant Eye Lift. When I say this is face-transforming, I'm not lying – just look at the video below. Having always had tired-looking eyes, I'm forever trying tricks and products to wake them up. Enter Francesco who, during my make-up session, painted an upside-down triangle of the creamy Eye Lift under each eye, then quite literally blended my bags away. Amazing. 

Light-reflecting and skin-plumping (it contains hyaluronic acid), this stuff brightens up and smooths out the entire under-eye area a treat. It comes in two tones – one pinky, one yellowy. I draw it on every morning, as per below, before my foundation/tinted moisturiser. It has excellent lasting power and doesn’t crease.





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