Is this the end to clumpy mascara?

High-volume, clump-free lashes are only a shake away

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By Elle Turner on

The marriage of beauty and technology is a glorious one. Not when it's used to create problems we didn't know we had (vontouring, anyone?) but, when it solves beauty dilemmas we've been grappling with for years, it's pretty terrific. Case in point: Rimmel's new Volume Shake Mascara, which promises to end clumpy, dried-up mascara for good.  

The cocktail-shaker-shaped tube contains a patented 10-years-in-the-making gizmo (a cylindrical agitator, if you will) designed to shake the mascara formula together into a smooth cream each time you use it. Simply shake the tube three to five times (give it a bit of welly), then apply from root to tip

As for volume (the name, after all, does promise it), expect lashings. The texture is lightweight enough to not weigh down your lashes and the smoothing technology means it doesn't clump. With its narrow, fibrous bristles, the wand works wonders at separating, giving you lovely, full-looking defined lashes.

So, problem solved. Brilliant formula, nimble wand and genius tech that means you can reach the bottom before it turns into a clumpy, claggy mess. 



Volume Shake Mascara


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