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Four make-up brushes you'll actually use

Why we need them, what they do and how to use them – Elle Turner on four of the best brushes

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By Elle Turner on

The variety of make-up brushes available are endless – kabuki, angled, buffing, stippling – the list goes on. But do we need them? And why use them over fingers? Truth is, make-up brushes can help to really buff in make-up, making it look a) more natural and b) more perfected – "a look you just can't recreate with fingers" says make-up artist Sam Chapman. Added to this, "the oils from our hands can create a film over products (particularly powders) and dry them out quicker" she says. More hygenic (provided they're cleaned regularly) and less streaky, here's four of the best.

Best for powder products: Clinique Powder Brush, £24

As the name suggests, you can use this to set your powder. But it works brilliantly with powder bronzers, blushers and highlighters, too. Plus the bristles are super soft.

Best for cream products: Real Techniques Stippling Brush, £11.99

It's great for buffing in liquid products like foundation, cream blush and cream highlighter, and because it's dual fibre (contains both natural and synthetic bristles) it's super soft but won't absorb your foundation. Swirl over your face in circular motions for a really flawless coverage. 


One end has a fluffly blending brush which can be used to soften harsh eyeshadow edges and buff concealer into small nooks like under your eyes, or over spots (just make sure you wash it straight after).

The other has a very precise slanted brush that can be used to fill in any sparse bits in your brows or along your lash line to pack on some colour and make your lashes appear fuller.

Best for a sheer wash of colour: ZOEVA's fan brush, £11

If you don't like a lot of colour on your face, try sweeping a blusher or bronzer over your cheeks using a fan brush such as Zoeva's 129 Luxe Fan Brush, £11. It will give a lighter, more sheer finish (so great for showing through freckles).

And that's it.


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