The £7 make-up storage solution

Make-up harmony is only a drawer set away

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By Frankie Graddon on

I have literally reached breaking point with my make-up. Last week, the stash that lives on my bedroom shelf had grown to such a level that the wooden slat had buckled and split, sending a messy avalanche of serums, eyeliners and lipsticks tumbling over the carpet. As I sponged tinted moisturiser from my shag-pile rug (urgh), I decided it was time I reconsidered storage. 

“Acrylic drawers,” my beauty-editor friend instructed. “You can see everything you’ve got and it stops things getting dusty.” After a quick Google, I found a nice-looking set by OSCO for just £7. Bingo. 

Taking it home the following evening (thank you, Amazon Prime next day delivery), I gathered my collection and divided it into "manky and old" (bin), "still to try" (plastic box under the bed) and "things I use daily". This pile went into the new drawer set, which, at 11cm by 16cm, is just the right size to fit it all in and sits neatly on my shelf. (If you're after something bigger, try this). The top drawer is lips and foundation, the middle is eyes and the bottom is blushers and powders. Chunky pots and bottles live on the top. 

Not only does this keep everything tidy, it’s forced me to look at what I actually use – always a useful exercise. Bitten by the acrylic-storage bug, I'm now eyeing up this four-drawer set for nail polishes and hair stuff.





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