The Pool Beauty Awards 2016

From marvellous new launches to recently discovered heroes, here are The Pool's top 8 beauty buys of 2016

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By Elle Turner on

We've buffed, spritzed and blended our way through the year to bring you the very best that the beauty world has to offer. There's been the fab, the mad and the straight-up revolutionary, but we've racked our brains to bring you the eight products that have most impressed us. Read on to find our hand-picked best beauty buys of 2016.


I've got to admit I was cynical when Frankie Graddon first popped this £5.90 no frills hyaluronic acid on my desk in October, but three months on, I'm on my second bottle and still religiously applying four drops morning and night under my moisturiser. My skin is smoother, ever so slightly plumper, and this has worked its way into what passes for my beauty regime for good.



There have been so many brilliant beauty products this year, from budget moisturisers to The World's Best Brown Mascara but my ultimate hero – my hair hero  – is Aveda's Thickening Tonic. A spritz of this on wet roots and your hair is immediately transformed into something thick and bouncy. I am on my third bottle. 



This year I've been loving all the new, easy to use nail products on offer. One coat, one bottle manis, holographic much fun. The brighter the better for me. I particularly love this Studio 54-looking nail glitter which paints on easily, is virutally chip-proof and will improve your mood every time you look at it.


This year I've been completely besotted with Clinique's Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief moisturiser. It's the only moisturiser I've found with enough gumption to plump my woefully dehydrated skin, but that sinks in fast enough for me to throw my make-up on over the top soon after. Though I've been using it diligently since June, I'm only now in need of a new pot. Couldn't be without it.



'There's so many great highlighters out there, but this one seriously impressed me. It's super fine so looks natural (well as natural as highlighter can look) on the skin. They do three shades to suit all skin tones too which is ace and the texture is both weird and pleasing. Finally, if it's your thing, it also makes a lovely, shimmery primer if you want some serious glow.’



If I only get one pick it has to be this cleansing oil from Simple. It just works! It removes all your make up, even better than some I've trialled at three times the price. It does it without any cheapy mineral oil, which can break out the acne prone, or unnecessary essential oils and fragrance, which can cause irritation and redness. It doesn't look sexy, it doesn't smell sexy, but it's affordable, effective and universally useful, and as a beauty ed, that's what really turns me on.


Kelly Gilbert'S PICK

Chanel's beautiful Rouge Allure Inks have a mesmerising texture. Liquid, yet silky-matte, they flow on so satisfyingly, glisten, then dry down to a tenacious stain that lasts hours. Never has a product that looks so velvety-brilliant had such a great feel on the lips. Somehow Chanel have managed the once mutually exclusive alchemy of making a lip product that is super long-lasting and hydrating. Merveilleux.

Hannah Betts' PICK

Skin obsessive that I am, I once tried over 60 under-eye concealers, and Bobbi Brown’s Creamy Concealer came out tops. Her concealer crayon dealt with damage limitation elsewhere on the face, but – like all concealers – could sometimes feel a tad bulky for tiny areas sans brush. Well, no more. This year the Bobster came out with a Retouching Face Pencil slim enough to cover the most miniscule of blemishes – small and perfectly formed genius. When people tell me I’ve got perfect skin, I reply: “It’s Bobbi’s”.



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