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10 beauty products the team swears by to see them through a night on the razz 

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You know the drill. The Christmas party's about to start, everyone's slowly filing out the office and you have about 10 minutes to chuck some make-up on in the toilet before bunging the essentials in your bag. Here's 10 products Team Pool whole-heartedly recommend for party-sprucing. 

Lauren Laverne’s top pick:

Clinique's All About Eyes Concealer is one of my hero products – essential to cover up the festive season taking its toll.



I'm not a big make-up wearer, but the thing that does make it into my bag for a night out is Charlotte Tilbury's Wonder Glow. Pretty much what it says on the tube, this is a glowy tinted moisturiser that makes you look instantly radiant.



If I've been sat at my desk all day and need to go out, then I love a spritz of something zingy to perk me up. Jo Loves in Pomelo is a favourite, as is Jo Malone's new Orange Bitters fragrance. On the bedside table, I'll normally have a giant glass of water, painkillers and Origins Drink Up Intensive overnight mask.



Compeed Blister Plasters are the business. Peel off the plastic, bung it on your heel/ankle/big toe and carry on like a trooper. The trick is to get it on before your feet fall apart completely. No one’s coming back from shredded ankles.


Lauren Bravo’s top pick:

It's a bit swish, but my dinky Le Labo solid perfume is so much more handbag-friendly than carting perfume around – looks cool, smells like heaven, ideal for dabbing behind your ears in the taxi/Tube/toilet. Or, at the other end of the spectrum, I don't go anywhere without Blistex. It's the least sexy lip balm in the world, but the only thing that really works on my sore winter lips. I'm too lazy to do all the requisite lipstick maintenance at parties (plus I want to be free to go to town on the pigs in blankets) so, with full-on eyes, this is all the lip kit I need.


Caroline O’Donoghue’s top pick:

When in doubt, I'm all about Kiko's pencil eyeliner with the smudgy stick on the bottom. When your face looks ming, distract everyone with big, Claudia Winkleman panda eyes.


Zoë Beaty's top pick:

You can't go wrong with a really good mascara, like Le Volume de Chanel, which generously coats lashes (without clumping or flaking) and makes them look ginormous – go big or go home. 


Vairi MacLennan’s top pick:

I swear by Muji blotting sheets to knock down excess sheen – they take up practically no space in your bag and are great for mopping up oil – because no one wants to be shinier than the baubles.



The most popular tactic in the office to look fancy was to throw on some lippie which, consensus shows, makes us feel much more put together. Red's the go-to shade and Bourjois, Clinique, Soap & Glory, Bobbi Brown and Revlon all garnered favour. But, what with it being universally flattering with excellent staying power to boot, Mac’s Ruby Woo reigned supreme.



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