6 ways to combat frizzy-hair weather

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Hot, humid, frizzy-hair weather is here, here's 6 ways to keep it sleek

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By Elle Turner on

Warm weather’s nice, isn’t it? Hmm, yes, lovely – except when combined with humidity. The combination of heat and moisture has the ability to transform obedient hair into frizzy chaos minutes after leaving the house and warm, rainy days are the prime culprit.

Any time there’s a change in the climate, there will inevitably be frizz. Here in the UK, we’re fated with a fairly consistent slew of drizzle. It means, though, that we’re not so well versed in hair SOS for balmier days. And (heads-up) we’re due a few of those over the coming months. So, what to do when frizz-hair weather hits? Here are six top tips:

1. Avoid product overload

Gary Glossman, master stylist at Josh Wood Atelier, advises against overusing shampoo, as it can actually strip your hair of the healthy oils that reduce frizz. He also recommends avoiding volumising shampoos, as they can be too light. Instead, pick a shampoo that has more argan oil in it, such as Argan 5’s Deep Repair Shampoo, which boosts smoothness and shine.


2. Use a treatment mask 

If you do need to blow-dry, it helps to inject a hit of moisture back into your hair in the form of a hair mask every couple of weeks. Louise Galvin's treatment mask for fine hair is gentle enough to use as a daily conditioning treatment for especially dry hair or as needed, smells great and is really nourishing.


3.  prep

Prepping your hair is key in combating frizz. Putting a prep product through your hair before drying it will create a barrier between your hair and the weather, thus reducing frizz. It will also protect against heat and help keep your style in for longer. Moroccan oil was probably the original prep product, but it has since been overtaken by superior products, such as Smooth Style Serum from Oribe, which makes hair feel silky and sleek without weighing it down, or O&M’s Frizzy Logic Shine Serum, which contains lovely moisturising (and thus smoothing) ingredients, such as macadamia seed oil, argan oil and olive leaf extract. It’s best, if possible, to let your hair dry naturally, as excess heat can dry it out. If not, then wait until your hair is damp before using the hairdryer and put it on a cool setting to prevent product from turning tacky.


3. An easy rescue for dry, frizzy hair

If you need to rescue frizzy hair after you’ve already dried it, then take a water spray and dampen it down before smoothing a frizz serum, such as Aveda's Light Elements Smoothing Fluid, through the lengths and ends. Lightly blow-dry on the cool setting or leave to air-dry. 



4. A simple way to DE-FRIZZ curls

Give plopping a go. Michael Lendon, advanced master creative director at Aveda Covent Garden, says plopping can be great for helping to achieve frizz-free and defined curls at home as it limits the amount of heat styling which can frazzle curly hair. Apply your products (such as Bedhead's Foxy Curls Hi-Def Curl Spray which defines curls, holds them in place and contains anti-static to subdue flyaways) before wrapping your hair in a towel or T-shirt and then allow it to naturally dry. To help it along, you can run a diffuser on a cool heat over the towel or T-shirt, but avoid rubbing, as this will create friction and in turn frizz.



5. A quick fix for dry hair on-the-go

Tend to midday touch-ups by combing Ojon’s genius Rare Blend Tamer (a mascara-wand-like contraption mentioned here) through wispy flyaways and then pop in your bag for later.



Photo: Stocksy
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