A soothing shampoo for sensitive scalps 

Whether you’ve got dry skin or your hair just needs a bit of oomph, this £8 shampoo works wonders

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By Hannah Banks-Walker on

When I was a teenager, The Body Shop was my happy place. From fruity lip balms to White Musk, there wasn’t a product I wouldn’t try. So when, recently, I mentioned to a friend that my hair felt in need of help, and she mentioned The Body Shop Ginger Scalp Care, I was only too happy to journey back to the playground of my youth. 

As one of the brand’s bestselling products, it still feels a bit under the radar. Because, honestly, this is one of the few shampoos I’ve tried that actually does what it promises. It’s labelled as an anti-dandruff product and, while it does deliver on that front, it’s also great for soothing itchy scalps and generally bringing hair back to life, particularly if you normally use a lot of products on it and want to get rid of build-up. 

It smells delicious without being overly perfumed, and contains honey produced from one of The Body Shop’s Community Trade programmes in Ethiopia, which works with the local community to source ingredients ethically and sustainably. It’s also very affordable for a specialist product – I’ve tried countless shampoos, oils and scalp treatments, most of which are expensive, but this shampoo is £8 for 400ml. You also don’t need to use a lot – one bottle lasts for ages. 

I love it so much I’m planning to go and buy in bulk when I (finally) run out of my first bottle, which is currently still going strong after four weeks. I might even pick up a strawberry lip balm while I’m at it.





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