3 quick tricks to de-fluff your wispy bits

Hair-smoothing solutions you can find in your handbag, kitchen and bathroom cabinet

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By Elle Turner on

If you've spent a summer wrestling frizzy, unruly hair, sworn frequently under your breath, given up and decided "there's nothing else for it" before pulling on a sun hat and your biggest pair of sunglasses, fear not. We have a thing for that. Three in fact. Here's how to curb a frizz-fest before it really kicks off using items you already own. 

You will need:

The toothbrush trick

Spritz hairspray onto a clean toothbrush and comb it through flyaways. The toothbrush means you can target the precise areas you need and the hairspray will smooth wisps.


DIY with a dryer sheet

Rub a dryer sheet over frizz, the positive ions in the dryer sheets will counteract the negative ions in hair that causes static and frizz resulting in smooth hair (that smells lovely and fresh).

Dig out your hand cream

Run your hand cream through the lengths and ends of your hair and leave to air dry. The moisturising emollients will help to smooth frizziness.

And that's it. Done.

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