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With promises of bounce and shine, the latest trend in haircare is the back-to-front hairwash. Frankie Graddon gives it a try

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Before we start, two questions: is your hair feeling a bit flat? Is it looking a tad limp? Yes? Great – I have a thing for you by way of the latest happenings in the haircare world: the back-to-front hair wash. As in, you condition before you shampoo. Crazy? Yes. But I’ve tried it and it’s pretty good. 

Called "reverse washing", the whole point is to give your hair all of the nourishment and silkifying effect of conditioner, but with none of the weigh-down. Especially good for fine or easily greasy hair. 

There has been a boom of reverse-washing products on the market, but the one I’ve tried – and loved – is Tresemmé Beauty-Full Volume. The bumf claims that the pre-conditioner will give you “touchably soft” hair, while the shampoo cleansing your hair removes excess weight from the conditioner. The result? “Premium softness as well as body and bounce.”

After the first wash, my hair looked noticeably shinier and did indeed have bounce – something I don’t tend to get naturally (while I have a lot of hair, it’s very fine). A subsequent wash confirmed the effect and I also found my hair easier to blow-dry – less flyaway, more swish.  

It’s simple to use: after soaking your hair in the shower, pump the pre-conditioner into your palm and run it through your hair. I stuck to mid-lengths and ends, but the directions advise that you can take it to the roots. Leave for a minute while you soap up, then rinse and follow with the shampoo, lathering as usual. Rinse and you’re done. I even found that my (Wet)brush went through my hair easily with no tangles. 

At £2.26 for each 290ml bottle, I would certainly recommend giving the reverse wash a try.  




Both £2.26

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