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How to get surf hair without having to go near a surfboard

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Over the years, I have tried many a salt spray in a bid for that Holy Hair-Grail of beachy waves. While I’ve had moderate success, the majority have fallen flat (quite literally), being either too greasy, too crunchy, too heavy or too completely useless. Thoroughly bored, I was prepared to give up on my surf-tousled-hair dream entirely, until I came across Philip Kingsley’s brand new Instant Beach texturising spray. 

Firstly, the name. Instant Beach – yes, please, pass me a Pina Colada and a good book. Secondly, Philip Kingsley. Aka he who invented Elasticizer, aka the truly fabulous conditioner made for, and favoured by, Audrey Hepburn. Tell me more. 

OK, so, first things first: this is not actually a salt spray. It contains not one ounce of salt, rather flexible styling polymer (a very science-y thing involving molecules) that holds your hair in a wave. Where some find salt sprays drying, this majors on soft-making oils to keep everything decidedly un-crispy. I have some in my hair right now and can run my hands through it with ease. It’s also not in the least bit sticky or heavy, so it won’t make fine hair (which mine very much is) flat as a pancake. What it does do is give a good dose of texture and turn potentially frizzy curls into defined, beach-worthy waves. 

After you’ve towel-dried your hair (scrunch, don’t rub), spray a load of this from roots to ends, give your hair a zhush with your fingers, then either leave it to dry naturally or diffuse. I tend to rough-dry mine with a hairdryer until almost dry, then scrunch and twist sections to enhance the wave. I’ve also found that if my hair is looking a bit flat and mussy throughout the day, a spritz of this on to my hands, then worked through the mid-lengths and ends, perks it up a treat. One word of warning here: the spray is rather vigorous, so don’t stand too close to anyone when using it, for risk of soaking them. 

The final plus point is that the bottle is 100ml, meaning you can take it on hols, even if you’re only doing carry-on. 




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