The luxury nail polish that costs less than a coffee

Cult beauty brand Beauty Pie has launched its first range of nail polishes and it's a nude-nail lover's paradise 

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By Frankie Graddon on

When it comes to nail polish, I'm of the opinion that you can ace it in three colours: a berry, a bright red and a nude – something vampy, something foxy and something classic. No matter the occasion or the outfit, reach for any of these and you will be fine. And it would appear that the guys at Beauty Pie are on my page, as its new nail collection comprises exactly this.

Launched last week, the Wondercolour range is, in fact, the nude-nail lover's dream, featuring no fewer than five variants on the shade, from milky pink to fawn. I’m hooked on Nude for Thought, a pink-champagne colour that gives a glossy coverage, but isn’t dark enough to show cack-handed smudges. Meanwhile, on my toes is Black Cherry Bomb, the deep berry colour – business on top, party on the bottom. Also included in the range is a strengthening base coat and a high-shine topcoat.

This is Beauty Pie's first foray into the nail world and follows on from its hugely successful make-up and skincare launch (for those of you unfamiliar with the brand, find out more here). Several months in the making, the polishes have been formulated to a chip-resistant, long-lasting, premium spec. Each bottle offers highly pigmented, smooth colours and a short paddle-shaped brush, which makes for easy application. One stroke down the middle, two either side and, a couple of coats later, you're done. I did my hands at my desk the other day (all in the name of research, of course) and was finished in the time it takes to switch on my laptop.

As with all Beauty Pie products, the polishes aim to be on a par with luxury brands, but cost a fraction of the price. For members, each polish is £1.30, with the base and top coats ringing in at £1.72. For non-members, you are looking at £14 each – considerably more expensive, but still cheaper than the Chanels and Tom Fords of the world. My advice? Grab a friend/sister/work colleague, sign up to Beauty Pie (£10 a month/£120 a year) and, by the time you’ve each bought a couple of products, you’re quids in. Just make sure you get a nail polish.









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